My Depop experience

Before I get into this, I should probably explain what Depop is; so Depop is a selling app that has become increasingly popular. It is as though Ebay and Instagram had a baby, as you take the picture of your item/s on your phone and upload them directly on to the app. Then, so the item can be found by potential buyers you use hashtags as you would on instagram or twitter, which are basically like keywords for the search bar eg. #MAC #highheels. It also has the safety of Ebay as items are paid through Paypal, however you can pay in other ways, but Depop doesn’t recommend this.

So anyway, I put a few items on Depop, and the first two sold really smoothly, and everyone was happy. Then, I sold my third item: MAC ‘Creme Cup’ lipstick for £7. The item was paid for Paypal and I sent off the product, and informed the buyer it was on its way. I sent it with first class on the Wednesday (not tracked or anything), but on Friday I got a private message on Depop from the buyer saying it had not arrived yet. I told her perhaps to wait until Tuesday at the latest because sometimes post can be slow to turn up (even though I had a niggling fear in my belly that it might be lost). So, anyway Tuesday came and it had still not turned up at her house, so I advised her to maybe check if it was at her local depot. The post office informed her that they weren’t in control of the post that comes into the depot, which seems ridiculous because surely they sort it so, that they can effectively deliver them all. So anyway, after that I was like “I’m really sorry it hasn’t turned up, and I don’t really know how I can take this further”  which she replied to “Well, can I have my money back?”. Now To be honest, here, in hindsight I should’ve just said “No, sorry, I have a disclaimer up saying I’m not responsible for lost or damaged items, and I don’t give refunds”however, I offered to give her a half-refund out of goodwill, so £3.50, but she said, “Not when I’ve paid £7 for it I won’t”. So I thought, okay I’ll explain to her why I’ve offered her a half refund, and I said that, “I’m offering you half the money back where in most cases you wouldn’t get any back, and I’ve kept up good communication with you in order to try and locate it”. So then, she sent me a message saying how I was responsible for the postage ect, which I replied to her “I don’t really have any control over the postage of the item after I’ve dropped it off at the post office, and in my disclaimer it clearly states I’m not responsible of any lost or damaged post” and I followed that message with “I’m willing to still give you the half refund”. She didn’t reply.

So anyway, I thought maybe she’s gone to bed and she’ll reply tomorrow, but she’d only gone and opened a Paypal case against me, which I was like okay, and wrote my statement saying “I do have a disclaimer stating that I don’t give refunds nor am I responsible for lost post, but, in this case, I’m willing to offer a half-refund out of goodwill. But she just escalated it to a “claim” which is where Paypal decide who is right. In all honesty, Paypal doesn’t really give the seller much room to move around, in I was given 3 options, either give her the refund, provide proof of postage, or not respond, in which case she’d win anyway because I didn’t communicate, so I was pretty much forced to give her a refund of £7. I thought Paypal in a claim would freeze the situation so, someone could actually evaluate (not just a computer) the points of the seller and the buyer, but this didn’t happen, as soon, as I gave the refund the case was closed in favour of the seller. I was annoyed and a bit upset to be treated unfairly, and also to have lost out on a valuable product which I know won’t ever be returned to me even though I put my return address on the back.

She also decided to leave me a 1 star on my Depop account, but that’s fine because I also left her a 1 star with a long comment ending with “You shouldn’t buy stuff off sellers if you can’t respect and accept their disclaimer”, which I think is completely true because I do not believe I’m the only seller this has happened to. If someone has put in their disclaimer they do not give refunds, and they are not responsible for lost or damaged post, then a buyer shouldn’t be allowed to open a Paypal case against them and win because that’s totally wrong. If you went to a large clothes shop or any shop and the receipt said “no returns” you wouldn’t be able to open a case against them, so why do it against individual sellers.

Anyway, I just want to say not everyone on Depop behaves unfairly, the majority are polite and helpful and just want to sell things they aren’t using off to a better home or just looking for bargains. I don’t really know if I’ll sell anything else on Depop because I am slightly traumatized now.

Tell me have you bought or sold anything on Depop? Also, what do you think of the situation above?


Skincare for Dry & Sensitive Skin

I don’t write about skincare just because even though I have a skin care routine I don’t really dabble in trying new things or splurge on it. However, in mid-April (yes, I know it’s the end of June) something happened to my skin that has never happened before, and that was that I had an allergic reaction, and all my skin flared up. A week previous to that flare up I had started using two new serums –  a day one and night one – which to this day I’m still afraid to retry again because I don’t know which one triggered it. Nothing like that has ever happened to my normal to dry skin. At first I thought it was a bit of sunburn on the tops of my cheeks but then it spread across my face. It was red, and then it developed little bumps, and then it became so tight and dry that my face literally hurt to move. To touch it felt rough and anything I put on it made it sting like a b*tch. It literally threw me out of my skincare depth and into a whirlpool of skincare drama. So I had to not only go back to basics but use products that would pretty much resurface the top layer of my skin.

Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil

The Vitamin E Facial Oil. (Sorry for that there isn’t any pictures of the other products they got lost in a digital data black hole and couldn’t be recovered.)

The first product I turned to was The Body Shop “Vitamin E facial oil”. I literally slathered this on my skin multiple times a day because my skin was so dry and it would drink this stuff up so quickly and then dry out again.  However, I really believe that the water-retaining qualities in vitamin E oil helped my skin restore itself because as my skin slowly got better I applied this fewer and fewer times through out the day and it was able to keep my skin moisturized. The first few times my skin did sting for a few minutes because it was so dry and tight, but afterwards my skin didn’t have the texture sandpaper.  This oil really helped calm down the inflammation and redness, and even though I used it so much, especially at night time before going to bed I’d apply it twice (once half an hour before going to bed, and then just before getting into bed), it would never block my pores or leave my skin greasy.

During this flare up I felt that I should only use products with simple ingredients. Cue: Lush Oatifix facemask. This mask is made to moisturise, soothe and help exfoliate dry skin, and it did just that. The first ingredient in this is glycerin which helps attract and lock in moisture, which meant that my skin wasn’t drying out as quickly as I used it more and more. I was using this face mask every other day which I wouldn’t normally do with a face mask but because this face mask helped my skin in two ways it became a necessity; the glycerin in the face mask (along with all the other moisturising products)  really helped soften the dead scaly skin sitting on the surface whilst the crushed almond pieces exfoliated them away allowing the new skin to reveal itself and breathe. After I used this product and moisterised with the vitamin E oil I felt like that skin was drinking  up the moisture more effectively as all the dead skin had been exfoliated away.

The last product that I used on my skin was the 9 to 5 cleanser from Lush. I know this product isn’t particularly targeted at extremely dry skin but I used it anyway and it helped. I would apply a thick layer all over my face and put a hot towel over just to steam my pores a little and soften the scaly skin on days that I didn’t use the face mask. I found it’s lotion-like consistency felt really nice on my rough dry skin and afterwards left it feeling softer. This cleanser is super gentle which made me feel confident it using it over any other products.

So these were the products I used pretty much up until the last week of May. I really feel like using only these three products got my skin feeling back to itself again and what I really loved about all three products I’ve mentioned above is that they didn’t break the bank, and I know if I have skin problems again that leave my skin very dry and sensitive I will return back to these products.

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Peachy spring & summer make-up look


Illamasqua Skin Base foundation, Benefit "Moonbeam", MAC "Swiss chocolate", MAC "Expensive pink", Max factor "Soft copper" cream blush, and Kiko glossy liner in 605.

So, now that summer has arrived in England it’s all about the minimal make up – well for me. Today was the first time this year I’ve gone out in the heat with make up on so I thought I’d show you what I wore.

So, for summer I always like to wear as little base product as possible so, I only used half the amount of foundation I usually use. I also mixed the foundation with Benefit liquid highlighter in “Moonbeam” which is now discontinued (boo!) to give it a glowing finish. I skipped concealer because my under eyes actually looked presentable. I also didn’t bother concealing any of the light scarring on some parts of my face just because they are aren’t that bad and I was going for a natural look. Keeping with face products, for my cheeks I used a cream blush to give that extra dewiness. What I love about this cream blush is that it has no glitter or shimmer in it but has a glowiness to it. Moreover, the “soft cooper” really adds a a natural peachy colour to the cheeks which is the look what I was going for.

For my eyes I wanted to add that summer glow so I very subtlety put MAC “Swiss chocolate” eye shadow through the crease just for some definition and also to keep with the warm hues on the rest of my face. I always like to lay down my crease colour first so that I can control the dramaticness of the definition in the crease. Then on the lid I put down MAC “Expensive pink” eye shadow which is gorgeous because it’s the ultimate rose gold shadow, and even though it’s duo chrome you won’t look like you’ve walked out the 80’s. Obviously, I swished my MAC 217 around so it looked seamless. I skipped eyeliner and applied lashings of L’Oreal telescopic mascara which isn’t in the picture because I’m a divv. (Does anyone use that term anymore?)

For my lips I used Kiko’s glossy lip liner in 605 which is a straight up orange. Even though it’s a lip liner I wore it alone. I wore it sheerly because I wanted everything on “da face” to ties together rather than clash.

So that’s my peachy summer make up look very simple and quite natural. If anything was the focal point it was the glowing skin which I think is nice in Summer.

Tell me what’s your favourite make up look in summer? Do you like peachy make up?

Farewell to a friend

Today, I met up with one of my friends who I know I will probably not see again for a long time. The end of uni also marks a significant moment in many friendships and whether they’ll survive time and in some cases distance. For me and my twin (what I call my friend because we are very alike in some ways) Manchester has been the root and heart of our friendship but it’s a place where we can’t stay because our academic life is over. It’s probably one of the hardest aspects of finishing university for me because to me it feels like these people that you’ve always seen in that context you won’t see anymore because everyone just goes thier own way. It’s like a huge dispersal of so much hope and anxiety packed into every single student as life and work will take over and student freedom will become something of many moons ago that we’ll reminisce on. I know technology makes its really easy to stay in contact with people but sometimes you just want that person to be there.

I wish I had phlogged today better but it came to me as an after thought on my way home so, these are the pictures I took.





Some of these pictures probably don’t make sense I mean I’m sure no one wants to see a parking and the backs of buildings. But, I just like how in this picture the car park is full and the buildings are crammed together, because they just contrast against the comfortably spaced out clouds in the sky.



We didn’t really do much we just went to eat and sat on the grass. I always think the best friendships are those where you can do anything, everything or nothing, and still have the best time.



I really had to put on a brave face at the end in the train station. I said “see you soon” to which my friend replied “not really” – always one to yank me down back to reality whilst on the verge of a emotional breakdown: a true friend.

Keeping it how it is.

Not too long ago I write a post about changing my blog name because after a whole year of blogging because I felt like I had grown out of it. However, with hindsight, I realise it wasn’t that thescribblingtrain was failing to represent what I wanted it to it was more so that it was just in a rut. Not only was I having to deal with upcoming exams for my final year at uni, I also had skills test to do so I could get on to my PGCE, and life was just a bit overwhelming. I felt almost disconnected from my blog with everything else going on, yes I was still posting, but I didn’t really know what do with it. What I mean is when I first started blogging I just thought it’d be about random thoughts and feelings I have, basically my life experiences, and just a mish-mash of everything. However, simultaneous to the time I started blogging I became more and more interested in make up and I started writing about that too, which is fine because it comes under life and I like writing about it, but I didn’t feel thescribblingtrain represented all those things.

I also thought about perhaps creating a posting schedule so that I can put everything I wanted to write about on my blog for example life posts on Sunday & a beauty related post on Wednesday but then I realised I don’t even want that. I know I kind of post every Tuesday/Wednesday at the moment but that’s kind of naturally fallen in to place. I don’t want to be scraping my brains out every Saturday night trying to think about what was the highlight of my week or how my uni life is or rant about what annoyed me (rant post coming soon) because to be honest my life isn’t very interesting neither do I want to fretting up till Wednesday about what I could write about make up, so I can’t put my name down to days and dates and times. Also, I don’t even know if I’d be able to maintain posting twice a week, especially when I start my postgrad in September I know it’ll be too much for me. It’s a predicament. I bet if I looked on Google images I could find a poster or meme that say’s something along the lines of “There’s someone out there who works 5 days a week and has two kids, who is writing up blog post drafts for next month right now” however, that doesn’t change anything for me just that they are a very hardworking individual and kudos to them.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that this blog it’s not really changing at all it’s going forward as it is, and it’ll become with multi-dimensional place on the internet that goes back and forth between everything and anything in between. At the end of the day this is thescribblingtrain not the-linear-going-in-one direction-train. I think I’ll set myself a target of trying to post 6 times a month starting this or next month (you’ll have to wait & find out), so basically every 5 days. I don’t really know if I’ll keep that up come September but we’ll see. If you chose to stick around then just expect more of what has come so far in a higher dosages, and maybe sometimes it’s just about waiting for change rather than trying to force change.

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What’s in my bag | undergraduate edition

So I love reading or watching these kinds of posts because I’m nosy curious. However, I thought I’d put a twist on it and do an undergraduate edition just because I’m still in denial about my undergrad days being over, so really this is just a what’s in my uni bag.

I never really had one bag that I took to uni but I had a few bags that were rotation depending on what I was taking in and what I was wearing.



Now on to the actual content of what I put in these bags as an undergrad.


Starting with the two most important things in my bag which are my purse and rail card. As a commuting student having a rail card has been essential to saving money and my purse because it houses my money, bank cards, ID ect.

I also always carry some water because I try to drink the recommended 2 litres a day. Other bits and bobs in my bag that you’ll find are tissues, a hair tie, and some neurophen because you never know what could happen whilst your out and about. I usually also carry the lip colour I’m wearing that day so I can top up when it fades.

Onto the more “academic” content of my bag. I obviously carry a handful of pens and a few highlighters so I’m prepared to take notes. Another obvious one is my note pad; I love note pads with a design on the front. I also carry post it notes and those pointer/arrow stickies to make notes in as I’m reading. Last but not least, I always carry the novels I’m reading for the different modules. Some modules have these huge anthologies which literally leave bruises on my shoulders which I hate.



Things that are sometimes in my bag are the Rimmel stay matte powder and Real Techniques setting brush. I use to also carry a travel umbrella but I never used it even when it was raining so I just gave it to my friend.

And that leaves the bottom of my bag…


So that was my what’s in my bag undergraduate edition I hope you enjoyed reading it. Perhaps I’ll do one for when I’m a postgraduate and see if it’s any different.

What’s your uni bag like? Is it anything like mine? Leave me a comment down below.

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Wishlist for graduation

So after I finished (as in completed my final exams of my final year)  uni yesterday, my friend and I went for a celebratory meal at Bella Italia and a wonder around Selfridges, which left me desiring a lot of things. Does anyone else “treat” themselves after they’ve completed or achieved something? I do, pretty much after every exam or assignment, I bought NARS Dolce Vita yesterday after my last exam (total impulse purchase totally worth it), so it would only be right to have a hefty wishlist after completing a whole degree? - Imagine I bought all this. 

All the things I require for graduation. Images of items are not to scale.

These aren’t in any particular order, actually they are the ones in bold and italics are absolutely necessary for graduation day, but starting from the top…

1) Illamasqua blush duo in Lover & Hussy

2) Illamasqua hydraveil 

3) Bite Beauty ‘Deconstructed Rose’ lip gloss wardrobe

4) Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation

5) Tarte amazonian clay blush in ‘Exposed’

6)  Jo Malone perfume in ‘Orange Blossom’

Ooo, that turned that pretty well in a list one just italicized one bold and italicized it’s the simple things like that pleasure the slightly OCD self.

Tell me if you have any of these or a lusting after them too?

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