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Small Haulin’ & Food with friends

I thought I’d do a weekly update post just because I feel like it’s a significant week in my life, as my time at university draws to an end.

So on Thursday, (10/4/14) – my last day of uni – I decided to do a little shopping before going into uni.  I have a wedding to attend this Sunday and I thought I’d get some bits that I’ve wanted for a while.


Real techniques core collection, MAC brow pencil in "Stud", and Prolongwear concealer in NC25.

In my post reviewing the Real techniques duo fibre brushes, I said I didn’t need the core collection however I think I’ve been talking myself round because I’ve always wanted to try the buffing brush, the detailer brush and contour brush fill certain niches in my brush collection, and even though I still think I won’t use the pointed foundation brush I think it’s good to have, right? Right.

The two things I picked up from MAC are the prolongwear concealer in NC25 and brow pencil in “stud”. I picked up the conceal for my under eyes and I thought it would be brightening but I came home to fine it’s the same colour as my foundation, so I guess I can use it under my eyes and on blemishes. I also picked up a brow pencil because I can’t find one on the high street that hasn’t got a warm undertone. I have black hair so, this is good and I only wanted it for special occasions.

When I got to uni I attended all my seminars, and in the last seminar friends spontaneously decided that we should go for a meal, and so we did.  We went to Zouks in Manchester. Our waiter was weeeeird. When we sat down at our table my friend told him her glass was dirty (it still had watermarks on it) and he replied “you don’t need to worry about that they’re wine glasses and you don’t drink.”, which is true none of us drink alcohol but it’s rather presumptuous. Another weird thing was that when we asked him what drinks they do he started listing them off the top of his head until my friend was like “don’t you have a drinks menu?” which he then bought over. We all went for non-alcoholic cocktails which were gorgeous. Whilst the service wasn’t top notch the food was definitely divine. For my starter, I had a mixed grill, for mains I had lamb nihari with naan, and dessert I had creme brûleé, and it was all gorgeous.  I washed that all down with my watermelon mocktail.




All in all, it was a lovely way to finish off the last ever day of uni. Don’t spontaneous plans make the best memories? Now just lot of reading, revising,  essay writing, and exam taking until it’ll be over. I can truly say I’ll miss uni not just the freedom but also the studying.

That’s it my weekly post is done. What have you been up to this week?  Any significant moments in your life?

Tell me if these “weekly” posts are a good idea? My life isn’t exciting enough to do one every week, but every now and then?

1 Year Blogiversary & The End.


This time last year my blog was just a few hours old, and now it feels like my blog always existed and there was no time before that, even though I know there was. This blog was started as a place to express my weird thoughts, and my constant internal monologue,  but I somehow ended up ranting writing about all sorts of experiences, interests, and feelings. I’m actually quite surprised that I’ve kept up with the blogging because at time I felt like I would stop, especially at the start, and with juggling my final year at uni. So, I guess it’s okay to admit that I’m kind of a little proud of this blog even though I probably never want to read some of my very first posts. Another weird thing is that most people in my life still don’t know that I have a blog and I don’t plan on telling them. However, what’s amazing is that all 135 of you lovelies are completely up for reading the stuff I write on here which I’m so grateful for because blogging is bloody hard! There is this kind of  how much should I put into this? Obviously, I want to put my best effort in but sometimes it’s frustrating when your best effort doesn’t seem to becoming to fruition. However,  the feeling I get when someone likes a post or subscribes is definitely worth blogging for, but I also like blogging for myself maybe one day I’ll be able to look back without cringing and see “progress” instead. I still sometimes think “what is my blog?”, but to be honest I’m okay with it not fitting nicely under a category anymore; I like that it’s just a bit of everything. I also love the interaction with other bloggers because it’s so nice to connect over a piece of writing that you’ve created, and hearing what they think as well. I still think I say things in too many words when they could be expressed with fewer words but hey ho I’m an English student.

Well, actually I don’t know how much I am a “student” anymore because I went to my last ever lecture today *sob* but I’ll always be a wordy person. I can’t believe my university life has come to an end; it was quite surreal because it didn’t feel like the end. Today, when I walked out of uni it was such a pivotal moment and I was looking at my surroundings, and trying to take it all in for the last time. I do have to go back for my exams but that’s it. I should now be a flourishing, well-rounded individual with loads opportunities at my footstep but I kind of just want to stay being a student. This limbo phase is so hard because I hate the idea of being in the world of work. I know I’m doing a post-grad but that’s got a lot of placements ect so, it’s just preparation for working!

What a significant day this is turning out to be eh?!

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has subscribed or liked any of my posts I really appreciate it and I hope you stick with me as I plan to carry on!

Here’s to more blogging,


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Late night rant-y post | Life & thoughts

Alright chiefs?

I’m in such an odd mood and I can’t sleep so I thought I’d come on here and just talk about it. I have loads to tell you but I’ve just been whipping out beauty-related posts because I can just plan them, whereas with life posts I kind of just go where the tangent takes me.

*If this post is full of typo’s I’d just like to inform you it’s like nearly 2AM!

Anyway, the biggest piece of news, perhaps, is that I bought a car. Yes, me, the last person on the planet who is willing to drive, even though I know how, has bought a car. It’s (he’s) a Volkswagon Polo (1998), green, five door, and has only had one previous parent, lover, or if you’re conventional, owner. I’ve named him Rex because he’s green like a dinosaur. I bought him because for his age he’s hasn’t been driven around much- the mileage on him in low- and I’ll need a car to get to my placements on my post-grad next year because they can be as far as 70 miles out, but I really hope I don’t get one that far. I’ve driven him locally a few times, when I’ve had the time, and considering I passed my test like around 1 and a half years ago I wasn’t as rusty as I had expected it kind of just came back to me with a few drives around the block. Perhaps, the rest of the drivers on road are being nice to me with my “P” plates plastered on the front and back. That’s another thing, I can’t wait to take the “P” plates off and not be amongst the lowest members of the driving social hierarchy in which position I have to wear a badge to show my inexperience.

Another major thing is that next week, week beginning the 8th of April is my last week of lectures and seminars ever, ever, EVER. I will have completed my time at university which just depress’ me so much. I cannot have finished university, I signed up for three years, and this has all happened to quickly.  Where did the time go? A lot of people are ready to leave and I’m like “your ready for the real world?”  whilst trying to build myself a cave out of all my books. Also, I have so much reading to do it’s actually unbelievable; one thing that has not changed, even though I’ve nearly completed an English degree, is my reading speed. I read at the pace of a turtle. So over the next few weeks I’m  going to be reading the texts I didn’t manage to start or finish so, I’m ready for the exam with as many texts in my ammunition.

Other things that are adding pressure to my final exams are the skills test I have to do in English and in Maths in order to secure myself on the post-grad course. Obviously, English is not so stressful but Maths…When I try to answer the maths questions the left side of my brain is like “err…” and the 18 seconds I have to answer the question is over! You can’t even go back if you have time left over you just got 18 seconds and it’s stressful. Anyway, English is booked for the 27th of April, and Maths for the 28th. The conditional offer I have requests that I have passed both of those by June 30th.

Other things, I’ve been slacking on because of academic demands are going to the gym. It’s becoming really hard for me and I’m like “Eughhhh” but it’s also effecting my weight loss and obviously I don’t want to put the weight back on because that shit is hard to work off! I really need to start going to the gym more like back to 3 days a week atleast. However, people are noticing even though I’m not bothering; a few have said “Oh you’ve lost weight” which is always nice.

This post has become abit list-like how weird. But, the last thing I wanted to talk about was my upcoming blogiversary which is just in over a weeks time. Now, not many people in my “real” life actually know my blog exists; I don’t know why but it’s just not something I feel comfortable talking about because I don’t want them to think “Oh, she’s just banging on about her bloody blog”, or something. Maybe, it’s just that British trait of being quite modest about ones “things(?)”…attainments and achievements. Also, along with that I’m still nameless on this blog, I think, and I’ve been debating for awhile whether I should reveal my name. Don’t worry it won’t be like a big name reveal that some youtubers do for their expectant baby/ies (not that I’m bashing name reveal videos I actually love watching them) it’ll probably just be in passing. But is it time? Maybe it’d be nice after one year? My twin (not actually my twin but just a friend but we like a lot things exactly the same) was saying the other day “currently your just a anonymous person on the internet capable of doing and writing anything, if you had a name which people could recognise it’d make you more real”, which I am, but clearly I’m not capable of doing or writing anything because I’ve only written some life-y posts, ad a bit beauty, and a bit of health, but nothing groundbreaking. Also, I hope you guys know that I am a real human being, not a one cell amoeba who blogs. So I don’t know, maybe name coming soon?

Anyway that’s enough of me typing at you for now, but do tell me should I name or not name? Is the mysterious identity really putting readers off? Also anything else you’ve been dying to tell me leave it down in the comments!


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YSL Youth Liberator Foundation | First impressions

I am on the hunt for a new foundation, and every time I visit a department store I try an acquire a sample of a foundation that might just do it for me.

As you probably know, I have “normal” skin that sometimes decides to misbehave and act dry. I don’t really have any significant scarring (I have a few scars on my cheeks but they’re fading back to my skin tone) and I don’t suffer from acne but I do occasionally get the odd spot here and there. The kind of foundations I like are usually demi-matte/soft satin/subtle radiance kind of  finish but nothing super dewy.

Now, I know this foundation is aimed at mature skin but I still wanted to try it as I love a flawless finish that this foundation claims to give, and it has natural luminosity to it. It also has the use the unique Glycanactif complex but I wouldn’t be buying it for it’s skin benefits so, I can’t really tell you much about that. The sales assistant at the counter told me this foundation was full coverage, but I would say it’s more of a medium coverage that can be built up. As I have said, I don’t really suffer from scarring or pigmentation left from spots but it covered the few fading scars from my last break out really well, and I only needed to use a little concealer over the top. The texture is a creamy liquid that and smooths and melts on to the skin; I would say that because of the texture it’s quite forgiving on dry patches and uneven texture. When the foundation is initially applied it looks quite “wet” in finish however, a little time spent on buffing it into the skin leaves a gorgeous a satin finish.

Illamasqua Skin Base (Current foundation) 5.5, Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk (Sample) 4, MAC Prolongwear foundation NC 30 (Sample), YSL Youth Liberator BD50 (Sample)

Illamasqua Skin Base (Current foundation) 5.5, Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk (Sample) 4, MAC Prolongwear foundation NC 30 (Sample), YSL Youth Liberator BD50 (Sample)


As you can see from the foundation swatches the colour of the of this foundation is the darkest of all the foundations I have. I would say this is probably a shade (or a shade and a half) too dark for me. In comparison to MAC NC30 it’s less orange and more of a golden tan colour, which I liked. Even though I told the lady that last time I got matched to the touche eclat foundation I was  B30 she was quite insistent on the fact that I’d was a BD50, and gave me a sample of that, however, if I was to buy the foundation I’d buy it in B30. When I look at foundation shades I always try to get them as close to my Illamasqua foundation shade because that literally is my perfect shade. In all the times I wore the youth liberator foundation it never oxidized on me so, that was a good thing.

Now, I’ve only worn this foundation three times because that’s all I could get out the sample but I will tell you what I thought of them on each occasion.

The first occasion was when it was applied my the sales assistant at the counter she applied it with a traditional foundation brush, and didn’t powder it. I would say she applied it around 2PM in the afternoon. On application it looked like healthy nourished skin with a nice subtle glow. My friend and I were shopping so this was a good way to test out the foundation, and even though it wasn’t powdered it coped quite well. By the time I got home, around 7 it had definitely developed an all over luminosity however, it was still something that I liked and when I took a picture of it it looked beautiful. Soon after that it quickly deteriorated my nose became reflective and I powdered my t-zone with Rimmel stay matte powder. However, around 9PM it just became too sheeny, and almost greasy looking for my liking and I took it off; by this point, the foundation has also faded around my around my nose and mouth. I probably could have salvaged it if I powdered again but considering it was the end of the day I was ready to take it off.

On the second day I wore it to uni, on that day I think my skin was particularly dry because even after moisteriser when I applied the foundation it clung to the dry patches on my nose, however, this also could of been because I used a buffing brush in circular motions which I know it not the recommended method of application for dry skin. This time I powdered my T-zone before leaving the house at around 9AM. It wore well and developed a beautiful luminosity, and I only powdered my nose at around 2.30PM to take away the shine that had started peeking through. When I got home around 6PM the foundation was definitely on it’s last legs the reflection my face could have been used to transmit beams into to space into space, and was definitely beyond powder (unless I was to take it on), and so I took it off.

On the third and final day, I chose to use a sponge to apply the foundation I would using this method meant that the coverage went from a steady medium to a light-ish medium, and so I had to build the coverage in some areas. But, even though I built up the coverage it didn’t cake in those areas with more foundation. Moreover, perhaps because I used the sponge the dry patches on my nose were not so noticeable. I applied the foundation around 9AM and powdered my t-zone. In the morning I went to run some errands in busy Manchester, and got caught in the rain, which was a good test for durability. I’m glad to report it didn’t wash off my face or separate because of the rain, but no foundation has ever done that on my skin because of weather. I powdered my nose again around 1.30 pm to stop the shine coming through in it’s tracks. When I got home around 6PM I found that the foundation had again become overwhelmingly shiny for my liking, and I decided to take it off.

So the overall verdict, hmmm, I do really like this foundation, and perhaps I would buy it if my skin was a tad more drier, or maybe I will buy it in the winter, however for now my search for the perfect foundation continues (The Apprentice anyone?). I’d say the wear time on this is 7 hours of “good” wear, but after that mark it becomes a bit worn and disheveled. However, I don’t really need a foundation to last that long as I hardly ever am out for that long. Perhaps, if I can acquire a sample of my correct shade I’ll further investigate whether this foundation is really compatible with my skin or not, and so it’s staying on my list of “could work for me”. I also don’t think this foundation is just for older women anybody of any age could rock this foundation , and I’d really recommend this foundation for anyone with dry skin because of its nourishing ingredients. Of course, the packaging of the actual foundation is beautiful as one would expect from YSL (google it?), and obviously it comes with a high-end price tag of £36.

Tell me what you think? Have you tried this foundation on your skin? What kind of foundation finish do you like? Are you on a foundation hunt too?

Check out my review of the Silk creme foundation by Laura Mercier

Check out my comparison of YSL touche eclat vs Bobbi Brown eye brightener

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MAC haul ft. Bobbi Brown

My insomnia is at its peak because writing this post at 04:18am.

Anyway, in “my long time no blog” post I said I would eventually put this haul up, and I am so excited to share with you what I finally got because the content on this purchase is what I got when I visited a CCO for the first time ever!  If you didn’t know a CCO is an almost heavenly place where you can buy high end make up at discounted prices.


I’ll start off with the MAC eyeshadows I purchased. Now, I don’t even know how my love for eyeshadow has become so strong because this time last year I think I just owned an MUA pallete and that’s it, however now I have two quads of MAC eyeshadows.

So on to the colours I bought. 


Sumptuous Olive

The lightest shade I got was sumptuous olive which is the perfect neutral mix of a gorgeous green and gold. This eyeshadow can be used everyday because the green isn’t obvious or it can be played up to go with any dramatic eye look. I imagine this colour to be the baby sister of MAC’s club (which I don’t own) because I don’t know if it’s just my sumptuous olive but when I blend it all over the lid and into the crease it it looks as though I’ve placed a warm brown there when I have not.


Next up is woodwinked which is a gorgeous warm bronze-y gold.  It is too die for! This look gorgeous on its own or paired with other shadows. Woodwinked is definitely a “do it all” shadow because when blended out out the edges become slightly darker and warmer in colour  which means it looks like you’ve spent ages doing your eyeshadow when you haven’t!


This is swiss chocolate and it’s a beautiful warm reddish-brown which make my brown eyes pop! Its gorgeous in the crease, or all over for a subtle matte smokey eye. I find this shadow really easy to blend, and it flatters any other eyeshadow I chose to combine it with!


Lastly in the line up of eyeshadows is smut. Apparently,  this eyeshadow was inspired by Kate Moss but I don’t know why. This is a deep purple-y grey brown which has a cool undertone in my opinion. The purple in it really enhances brown eyes when blended along the lower lid. I think its a great alternative to black eyeshadow because it’s just that tiny bit less dramatic and therefore easier to pull off.

Again, like swiss chocolate it pairs well with other shadows.

MAC eyeshadows in the pan usually retail for £10 each, however I picked these up at £6/7 each which is a bargain on my opinion. 

The last item I picked up from the CCO was this Bobbi Brown lipgloss in the colour Dusty Rose.


It’s just a mauvey-pinky lipgloss which isn’t opaque but it’s not sheer either. I love topping light pink lipsticks with this because it just makes adds a something-something.  I also like it on its own for like a super natural lip, and I love the minty scent to it. Bobbi Brown lipgloss’ usually retail for £18 (I wouldn’t pay that much for a lipgloss ever) but I got this for £12 which I think is acceptable. Plus, I’ll be able to wear this all year round so, I’ll get my use out of it.



Woodwinked, Swiss Chocolate, Sumptuous Olive, Smut, and Dusty Rose.
(I didn’t  know which swatch picture was better so I put both in.)

So, that’s the end of my haul!  The CCO I got this all from is actually near the uni I’m going to be attending for my post-graduate course, so I think I’ll be popping in there pretty much all the time.

Also, sorry if my upcoming posts are hauls or reviews its just easier to pre-schedule these kind of posts because unfortunately personal ranty posts take up time! 
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Review: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

So whilst I have some time, I thought I’d write some posts that I can put up eventually because I’m really busy at the moment with uni. I’ve been testing this foundation out for about over a month now, and I thought I’d give it a review considering I did put it on my last wishlist. 

My skin type is “normal” however, it does sometimes get dry in places like on my cheeks, nose, and around my mouth. I don’t really have any significant scarring (I have a few scars on my cheeks but they’re fading back to my skin tone) and I don’t suffer from acne but I do occasionally get the odd spot here and there. The kind of foundations I like are usually demi-matte to soft satin finish but nothing super dewy. I feel like with normal skin foundations develop a luminosity through out the day, which can be controlled with powder, so you don’t need to have a dewy foundation because it will eventually become that. Plus, I enjoy having the control of which parts of my skin look glowing because I use highlighting to make my round face look more structured.

Laura Mercier claim that silk creme “an innovative full coverage foundation that makes the skin look luminous and rich. By combining a special collection of silk proteins, tea extracts and treated mica, Laura has created a luxurious formula that leaves skin hydrated and protected with a radiant, timeless glow”.


“MAC NC30 (sample), Illamasqua 5.5 (current foundation), Laura Mercier (Sample)

So, my thoughts on this foundation after wearing it for over a month. I’ve got to say this foundation provides me with a flawless finish it covers beautifully; it is so pigmented that I don’t even use it to it’s full coverage capability but half a pea-size gives me a medium coverage, and I don’t use any concealer. Also, you don’t even need to work hard to get the flawless finish, because of its so creamy, I just use my Real Techniques expert face brush and buff it in. However, sometimes when I have dry skin in places this foundation clings and accentuates them really badly. I found that because it clinged to the dry patches it made my skin texture look uneven. Back to the good points though, I found that the foundation didn’t break or split on my skin, and to also wears and really nicely – one day I wore it for 13 hours and it still was intact and I didn’t powder it at all. I find that if I powder this foundation it becomes too matte and flat for my liking.

What I don’t like about the this foundation is that it doesn’t look amazing until I’ve worn it for about two hours and my skins produced a little oil. I don’t really know why it’s like that but sometimes when I’ve put it on I’ve wanted to take it off straight away because it makes my face look powdery all over, and even though I’m not a fan of dewy foundations on myself I don’t like velvet matte foundations on my skin either. Maybe if I tried applying it with a sponge it wouldn’t look this way on initial application but I don’t have time to do the whole bouncing a sponge around my face for ten minutes in the morning.

To be honest I think it all boils down to how my skin is feeling that day, however l don’t want to have to put the work in if a foundation is so expensive. Plus, I only own one foundation at a time so, I use it for all occasions, so I need it to be on good terms with my skin always.

So, even though this foundation has given me some really good skin days it has also sometimes made my face look as dry as the Grand canyon on other days, which means I probably won’t purchase it, and carry on my hunt for a foundation. I think it may be a better foundation for normal/oily skin or combination.

Is this your current foundation? Do you wear foundation? Do you have a holy grail status foundation?

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