Thoughts delayed now ready to depart


For a while now, I’ve been observing and eavesdropping on the world around me and it has provided me with lots of thoughts and amusement. Now, all these thoughts in my head, imagine little orbs made of words intertwined within each other rolling around, are getting restless because when they arrive in my head I think yes I’m so going to express this thought, but then I get distracted and my thoughts become neglected. Sometimes, thoughts just arrive on the door step of my mind and instead my brain saying “Ooo welcome Thought lets take a journey and become fully fledged, well-rounded ideas” the thoughts get pushed aside. Poor thoughts. Soon my brain will be taken away from me because of this neglect, and plus the thoughts are just getting crammed and crammed and crammed in my head that my brain might combust and the thoughts will splatter everywhere. So, my responsible brain and I have decided that the perfect platform for my thoughts, observations, and amusements, is a blog because then least they’ll feel appreciated and maybe even you’ll invite and entertain them in your brain too.

Now, that you know all about my thoughts I guess you’ll want some sort of image of where they come from, like a human. So, I’ll just inform you, I’m a girl human residing in England, whose Asian and wears glasses. I study English Literature with English Language at University, and I don’t like saying “bye”. So, if you’d like to join me on the journeys of my mind please board the platform on this blog and follow.

Thoughts will be departing from now on.


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