Professional procrastinating tip of the day

#1 –  Don’t start whatever you’re working on first thing in the morning.

I did this  today… I was meant to start  my language  project first thing and spend a whole day on it,  but it’s nearly 9pm and I haven’t really  got started.

I was meant to start at 10AM but instead I did  chores… Desperate times,  can you tell?

I was meant to start at 1PM… But then I had  to have lunch…

I was meant to start at 4PM,  yeah  a three hour lunch in necessary,  I’m  a giant of 5ft 3 and 3/4 inches.  The 3/4 of an inch  is essential to know.

I was meant to start at 6PM but then I had to watch YouTube videos.  When you subscribe to a youtuber you have to watch all their previous  videos  which appeal  to you and all the tag videos,  so you can be a proper fan,  and they can be added to your list of best internet people.

I came to the attic room to get away from all distractions but then  the marks on the walls needed inspecting.

Then I needed a tea break –  I’m British  for goodness  sake.

Then,  I attempted to read a chapter on Cockney  slang… And ended sleeping with my eyes open –  a skill learnt  from being a professional  procrastinator.

And now,  it’s  nearly  9PM and I had to write a quick blog post on my procrastination if I don’t then I wouldn’t be a productive student living in denial.

I think I’ll  do more  procrastinating tips… They’re a way of life that everyone needs to know about… Okay, time to do some reading  or researching… Wait, I need food.


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