I wonder if she saw…

So Thursday the eighteenth  of April was a good day.  The  weather  still seems to be bipolar. Even in this bipolar weather thousands of women have already undressed themselves from their thick tights under jeans and over sized jumpers into shorts and tank tops quicker that the weatherman could suggest that it still is about 12 centigrade. But, alas we live in Britain and this might be our only days of sun.

So, anyway  as I was  returning  back home  from  university  after  a long  day of studying shopping with  my friend. I sat down on the train with a new face  that  the  make  up  artist  at  the  counter had  adorned me with,  and a cheeky high end foundation  purchase. I sat pretty content as the train chugged homewards.

Now,  usually  the  seat  next  to me is the seat where my bag resides. I usually  drape my hand over the hand rest  and place it on top of my bag like a lover places  his/her hand on their darlings knee. However, this  train  was  particularly busy so my beautiful bag sat on my lap and a blonde girl probably in her twenties took my bags usual place.

Now  considering the  make  up  artist had  got  a little foundation happy and  given  me  the  fullest face of foundation that my chubby cheeks could manage I felt slightly conscious. It’s probably ridiculous to be conscious  of flawless skin in comparison  to my usual naked face but I suppose a full face of make up is the other extreme I’m not use to.

So anyway,  as the  train whizzed through the northern country side my nose started to twitch and itch. I did  the  international my nose is twitching move, you know the one where you pout your lips and move them in a circular motion so that  your top lip  touches your nose  and appeases that little bugger. This informs the rest of the world that yes my nose is twitching but I won’t touch it because I wouldn’t want to disgust you. This is because touching any orifice on your face with the exception of your mouth whilst eating is socially unacceptable . But anyway back to the twitchy itch in my nose was like a monster trying to break out from the walls of my skin – The circular motions of my top lip were not vigorous enough. This beastly itch could not be appeased and before I could completely register what I had done my index finger was scratching way at my nose bridge and the outer edges of my nostrils! Okay, so my nose is clean but to make it worse I examined my finger and nail. What was my body doing and where was my social brain? After quickly regaining my social senses and taming my inner savage I used my peripheral vision to see if the woman sitting next to me was looking at me in a repulsed manner. From what I observed she seemed to be in her own world listening to music and texting on her phone but she might have seen me observing my fingers. Anyway the rest of the journey I felt mentally conscious, perhaps it was the heavy make up that I’m not use too or the fact I do not want to be thought of as a public nose picker by anyone. I wouldn’t class what I did as nose picking but people have different perceptions of these things and even though we might live in a world where we accept and openly talk about the way our bodies work; noses and bogies will always be disgusting


Has this kind of stuff ever happened to anyone else where the body takes control of your actions and does something perceived socially unacceptable?


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