Picture from a studentea life


Yes tea represents Britishness but in my eye’s tea is the symbol  of a hard working student.  A student keeping the speed of thier thoughts at the optimum.  Tea is the petrol  of the mind,  the courage of the heart, and the energy of a student who has left thier assignment to the last minute.

As you can see,  I’m a lazy being who doesn’t take my cup downstairs,  washes it and makes a new cup.  No,  I must dirty ALL the cups. I feel quite satisfied  with this collection.

Also,  does anyone find that they must have a stainless steel spoon  in thier tea for it to taste right or is it just me who likes a hint of the metallic flavouring?

If you’re  a lover of tea say ‘TEAAAAA’ or whatever you call it perhaps  a brew,  cuppa,  or chai in the comments or how you like your  tea,  sugar?  Milk? Tea bag left in?  I’d  love to know!


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