My top six apps/phone activities for procrastinating!

So these are my top six apps I use to procrastinate:

#6 – Phonechievments – So if you thought you weren’t glued to your phone enough – how about an app that makes using your phone a competition? I’m addicted to getting phonechievments, I’ve enlisted the help of my brother who I’ve also forced to download the app so, we can assist each other in getting the achievements! However, it’s more of a competition now to see who’s got more points! The app give you points for using your phone to the extreme and some of the points I’ll never get such as go to every state in America and connect to a wifi network or not charging your phone for six days! However, I have got points for having over 30 apps on my phone, using more than 512MB of data, and having received over 50 texts! I think anyone should download this app if you like having a competition with yourself, and forcing others to have a competition with you too!

#5 – Beautylish – So as you know I’m a girl and that means I like looking at make up. Beautylish is an app where you can read about beauty products from eyes, lips, hair, skin …anything beauty and also, looks people have created. Some looks are so pretty and inspiring. There are a lot of make up artists, youtube guru’s, and fanatics on there and if you want to you can comment on pictures ect. In all honesty I just like looking through the pictures and screen shotting any I like and might want to recreate. I also like reading what beauty journalists have got to say about certain products and in the comments of these articles people have written their own mini reviews and recommendations! It’s really good and if you’re a girl who likes make up you can spend hours on it.

#4 – Playing games – Doodle jump and Temple run are the short road to my academic failure, especially Doodle jump – that guys so cute how can you let him fall and not give him another chance? I even screen shotted doodle jump jumping from on platform to the next and made it my lock screen background. I freaking want to adopt that monster creature thing. Temple run is intense and probably is what sucks up all my concentration so when I go to do my work I can’t concentrate.

#3 – Youtube – So my WIFI network is pretty shit perhaps, it’s because the modem is at the opposite end of the house to my bedroom however I have unlimited internet usage on my phone and I lurvvvveee watching youtube videos! I watch a range of videos, beauty related such as reviews and tutorials, funny videos, technology, religion, ranting videos, animal videos, and at the moment I’m obsessed with “draw my life” videos…I just feel like …I don’t know, I just like life stories and people’s experiences, I guess! I feel like the realm of youtube can such you in and cause ruin to whatever you were planning to do because you end up with the one more video wont hurt mentality.

#2 – WordPress – I have the app and I go on it on my laptop. I just love reading new stuff, commenting, thinking of things I can write about and drafting them. Perhaps, this is why I haven’t done any of the reading for my exams or assignments because I read stuff that I’m like ooo interesting – I can’t help being drawn to it. I can’t just ‘like’ without reading the article – why do people do that? – I have to read the article and if I like it I’ll read other stuff written by that blogger and then, I’m glued.

#1 – WhatsApp/Texting – This goes to WhatsApp mainly, but also to texting. WhatsApp is instantaneous, it even tells you when the persons ‘typing….’, and that’s what makes me glued to it. If I know someone is typing something back I cannot just look away from my screen and carry on working I have to keep my eyes glued to the screen until the message appears. I don’t even know why…I can wait for someone to text back but WhatsApp, noooo I must see. I’m a freak…and I hate ending conversations or saying bye so, the conversation never ends it just has pauses.

So, those were my top six apps or phone activities I love doing to help me procrastinate. Does anyone else use these apps or get sucked in by them?


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