A what blog?


For the last couple of days I’ve been reading lots of blogs, blogs about student life, blogs about beauty and fashion, funny blogs and all sorts of blogs. After reading all these blogs, I realised all these blogs have a genre, they have an identity of what they are are there for, and what a reader should expect from them. Then I looked over the posts I’ve written and I thought they lacked everything that all those other blogs seemed to have. I just thought what kind of blog is mine? I’m not saying I want a gazillion followers or immediate  recognition after having blogged for less than a month. I’ve even read posts where bloggers have talked about where having 1000 followers doesn’t correlate to being an amazing blogger or getting loads of hits. I’m patient when it comes to all of that.

What I’m trying to say is that when I started this blog I thought it’d mainly be about stuff I have observed in my day to day life of being a commuter which is funny or infuriating or at least is interesting for someone else to read. Sometimes, maybe even I’d blog my thoughts. However, I feel like it’s evolving into something of a miscellaneous blog and I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I really had to think about it to the point where I thought do I cut it as a blogger? Will I be able to maintain this? I really reflected and this is what I’ve thought up.

I feel like I need to make it more structured even if the content isn’t just about one thing. I know a lot of people’s blogs focus on one thing, and that’s not a bad thing it shows that they have a lot of passion and knowledge about what they blog about, but I don’t feel my blog can be about one thing. I think I need to work on making my blog fit me rather than myself fit my blog if that makes sense? I’ve realised that idealistic blog image you have in your head when you start a blog doesn’t just appear it’s a work in progress. I’m okay with my blog being about anything and everything, I’m okay with it changing and growing – I want that – because all identities develop.

I’ve seen a lot of blogs which are aesthetically pleasing with backgrounds and things on the side and I want that. They have blog posting routines so, they know when they are going to write and what their readers should expect. I think after my exams and assignments I’ll definitely work on making my blog more pleasing on the eye. I want it to be interesting, pretty, and quriky, I want it to be a place where someone will pass by and think ‘ooo’ even though I know, it’s the content which is most important. I don’t really know if I’ll ever work out a schedule because I like things spontaneous when I write I just want to write. Plus, some thoughts, really important thoughts, get left behind in the trail of constant thinking. I want my thoughts to be expressed as quickly as possible. I made this blog to let all my thoughts out and they will all have a place in this blog. All in all, I don’t want to fall into a blogger slump – I really really fear that.

Whatever I write about will be about my experiences, thoughts, feelings, and ideas. My blog identity is in growth, it is apart of my identity which has just begun so, it can’t be everything I want it to be but slowly it’ll become what I am. It’ll be a written document of things I wrote that perhaps other people find funny, or interesting, or who just enjoy reading like me. I guess I’ll be another blogger yacking on about their life, really, and that’s fine.


3 thoughts on “A what blog?

  1. bearnextdoor says:

    When i first started blogging, i read techniques like, have a schedule.. so far the only type of schedule i can stick to is my Picture of the week page. I didn’t think my blog would turn out the way it is and what i blog always depends on how i feel in that moment. As much as i’d like to base my blog around on thing, i think that as long as you like what you like and the way your blog is, then you know when you get followers, that they’re following YOU and not just your blog. I’m sorry this is so long and i hope it makes sense. :L


    • It does make sense and that’s what I want – I want them to follow me as a person rather than just blindly following ..yeah I’ve read all the stuff for newbie bloggers but I don’t really know if I’ll follow it I’d rather go with my own flow of thoughts and things – I want my blog to have its own identity and I feel like following all the rules won’t give it that. I’d probably end up with bloggers slump and mind block. It’s okay I love reading comments 🙂


  2. Write about whatever you want, even if it’s a mish mash of stuff. As long as it’s honest and sounds like you, it’ll be good to read. I for one, thoroughly enjoy reading about random things. It makes it interesting if I don’t know what to expect in the next post.


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