My beauty wishlist!


I’m currently revising for two exams and writing up a three thousand word essay, so I need a quick and snappy blog post! Hey-ho, what do you know I thought up a list of beauty products that I will gradually bring into my life. The operative word being gradually because as you all know I’m a student and these little shits are expensive. I’m calling them little shits as if they are living things but they aren’t but they do go on my living face so I guess in some ways they add to my living being. Okay, I’ll shut up now and give you the list.

This beauty needs no introduction.

1) YSL  touche eclat radiant touch highlighting pen. This claims to give you “complexion perfection” and I’m a sucker for any selling technique that rhymes. Complexion perfection…I love the way that rolls off the tongue. £25.00.

2) Bobbi Brown Corrector £18.00 and Creamy concealer kit £24.00

—( I plan on buying these both together as one purchase because the main reason behind them is to hide the purpley-blue tinge under my eyes. Oh Academia why art so unkind on my human form?)

3)  Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. £20.00

4) Nars Blade runner eyeshadow duo. £25.00

5) MAC Creme cup lipstick. £14.00

6) MAC Ruby Woo lipstick. £14.00.

7) Urban Decay All Nighter – Long-Lasting makeup Setting Spray 30ml Travel Size. £9.00.

Pretty much £130.

As you can see the list of products has a trend. The first two are for that perfect flawless skin. Three and four are for eyes because I don’t have a lot of eye make up. Five and six are lips I’m a lip kinda gal and last but not least number 7 is to keep all those little shits in place.

I know people provide pictures of the items on the wish list but I’m not that skilled so please forgive me. If you type any of these into Google it’ll bring up the site which will give you a better idea of what it’s for or an image of the product.


6 thoughts on “My beauty wishlist!

  1. Amy Mitchell says:

    I love my UD Naked Basics Palette! Such a good thing to have on hand. I also have the Naked and Naked 2 Paletts, and the three work together so well. 🙂


    • I went to buy the Naked basics pallete but because I have quite Olive/Medium skin the first three colours didn’t show up very well they were pretty much my skin colour. So, I decided instead to invest in the Naked 2 palette and I don’t own the original. I think I’ll invest in the Sleek Matte eyeshadow pallete as an alternative for the Naked basics. 🙂


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