Get to the point already!!

Okay, as many of you guys know I study English Literature with English Language at university which means alot of reading. Pretty understandable. But, one thing that gets to me is at Uni they tell us to not waffle in our essays to get to the point and make the points effectively. Now I’m reading some scholarly articles about linguistics and all that jazz and some of the articles take 5 pages or more to actually get to the point of what they will be discussing. Lets be honest, no one enjoys reading about the laws of  grammar if you do and your reading this please share your enthusiasm for it! But anywayyyy, back to my rant – we get told to get to the point as undergrads yet these scholars, who are academics for a living, drag it out so much!! Maybe when you reach that level of academia you can screw all the basic rules …I don’t know. All I know is that my brain is on the verge of falling out my ear holes and pupils to escape this torture!

To the people who do English Language you guys are solid. I salute you.

But we all know Literature students have a wicked sense of humour.

(This post was not edited or checked so sorry for any typo’s or missing words… Also, please excuse my lack of blogging…exam season)


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