It wasn’t terrorism it was murder.

So, a few days ago an English soldier was killed in broad daylight by two men who apparently are Muslim. Before I actually get to my point I just want to take a moment to say that I’m not undermining the fact that this was a gross attack on an innocent life. In actual fact, I find it really sad and scary that two men could go out pick an innocent guy, with other pedestrians also going about their daily lives, and kill him with a knife and meat cleavers. I really feel for the loss of undeserved life and I’m sure like myself everyone feels that for his family and friends. But the truth is this was not terrorism this was a violent and gross murder.

Planned murder maybe but not terrorism. I don’t really know how to put it but this was an attack by psychologically twisted lunatic men to who perhaps the murder is symbolic of something but to the rest of the world it was another loss of life. A loss of life that  it’s being reported as “terrorism” and it’s not. I feel like the modern world with its constant updates from the media on everything is having an effect  on our lives. The human mind isn’t made to be drowned in this world where we hear multiple sad things a day happening all acorss the world, murders, genocides, wars, economic crisis and natural disasters is all the news ever seems to report. But focusing on this murder in particular and the media coverage it has got. The attackers have been said to have “extreme Islamic ideologies” as their motive as soon as they were found out to be Muslim without even knowing anything except from the fact they’ve killed a man the media already knew their beliefs. Interesting, the media is becoming all-knowing  but what kind of ideologies are the media feeding our minds, what kind of stereotypes are they creating, and is the media’s purpose to label the attackers as Muslim immediately. First of all, no core or fundamental belief in Islam states kill people so, it is not an attack motivated by “extreme Islamic ideologies”.  Any normal Muslim condemns acts like this and every time something like this happens and its reported on the news the mental stream of a Muslims is like please don’t label the attacker/criminal as Muslim,please please please. But it happens everytime “a Muslim attacker…”, “Jihadist…” “British Muslim…”. As soon as something like this happens there is an immediate speculation to what religion the person is, especially if the person is not white and Christian or atheist and I just find that kind of speculation scary. Speculation is probably the runt of the litter that Suspicion gave birth to and that makes it dangerous and prone to backlash. We’ve witnessed it with this attack the EDL (that’s the English Defence League) have been attacking mosques (place of Muslim worship) as backlash. How come that isn’t classed as terrorism? Terrorising innocent people going to a place of sanctity and peace or doesn’t it count as terror because they’re white men who are Christian or atheist?

The BBC have actually apologised for describing the men to be “of Muslim appearance”. No one can be of Muslim appearance it’s a religion that can be embraced by anyone. The media has also been telling us that the weapon was a machete – show me this machete – because all I’ve seen so far is knives and a meat cleaver. Then you’ve got all the atheists wacking out the old “this is why religion is bad this is what happens religion has no purpose what kind of God asks his people to do this” errr, to these kinds of people I have two responses. If you look to the basis of any religion no God asks anyone to kill anyone the basis of every religion is to live by rules which have a moral and spiritual basis and to be kind to fellow human. But sometimes, you get atheists who like to tell you more about your religion than you could ever know and try to make you denounce you beliefs on the spot – my response – I just don’t even bother.

What point I’m trying to make is that terrorism and terrorist are two words that seem to be becoming very exclusive in only labeling Muslims. Language is a strong weapon that’s used by the media and language is never neutral. I’m sure if you asked anyone to think of any negative connotations of the word “Muslim” or “Islam” they could give you multiple and what does that suggest first of all who’s telling us all these bad connotations and second of all how many times has that been told to us that we now actually associate the two. I know pointing the figure at the media is simplistic but we live in a world of media. Media and it’s use of language is setting it’s claws into  our minds and that’s dangerous because it’s only blame a certain group of people. Also, people need to understand that 1.1 billion Muslim across the world aren’t like these two men so, don’t paint a group of people with the same brush. But at the end of all this, I just don’t know what will happen or what the effects of the media coverage will have. All I know is that life is life, its fragile and beautiful and so much and anyone that steals that should be punished and I hope those men are punished.


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