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So a few posts ago, I wrote out my beauty wish list. Well I can now inform you all that whilst I haven’t brought everything on that wishlist, which means that there are things on there that I still want I pretty much bought all of it or an alternative to it. I know in the introduction to that “Beauty Wish list” post, I said that “gradually” was the operative word but I saved all my money and splurged after exams. Plus, I bought more things that weren’t on that list but I needed them okay?

The whole haul. I like to keep the boxes of things even in my make up bag is anyone else like that?

The whole haul. I like to keep the boxes of things even in my make up bag is anyone else like that?

I'm a visual artist. I know. My YSL touche elcat radiant touch is in shade 1 and the Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener in the colour "Bisque".

I’m a visual artist I only found out. My YSL touche eclat radiant touch is in shade 1 and the Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener in the colour “Bisque”. The Lipgloss is in the colour “Naked” but as you all know that comes with the Naked 2 palette.

MAC Creme Cup lipstick in all it's glory.

MAC Creme Cup lipstick in all it’s glory. I don’t own anything similar to this lip products-wise. If any of you would like to see the lipsticks that I own leave me a comment.

Okay, so we’ll start off with what was number one on my beauty wishlist the YSL touche eclat radiant touch which retails as £25 in the UK. Obviously, I had been eyeing up the touche eclat for a while. I remember about 14 months ago or perhaps abit more, when I was just your high street/”Drugstore” make up kinda gal, asking my friend what it was used for because I had gone with her to purchase it and she said highlighting. At that time, I wasn’t really all into make up to validate a £25 purchase on something that resembled a pen. I have a round face, and I am abit of a chubs, so my features are also quite rounded -ehem undefined ehem- so, I thought contouring was the only way I could bring out my features. However, I went and did some  research and slowly became more and more persuaded. This isn’t like a highlighter that has got shimmer or is obvious its subtle it blend in to the skin but it still brings out and defines. From the research I thought I’d be shade 2 as I have olive/medium warm skin. However, when I went to the counter in Boots the YSL make up artist said that shade 1 was a better match for me because shade 2 was pretty much my skin colour and the idea of a highlighter is to be a tad lighter than your own skin tone. I was surprised by this because shade 1 has a pink base which I thought would look grey and ashy on my yellow toned skin but it looks completely natural so, a win!

Woo, I have a feeling this is going to be a long post!

Anyway, second on my list was the Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer. So my under eyes have become purple tinged from burning the candle at both ends during exam season. So I thought I need serious help because my Illamasqua skin base foundation which also doubles up as concealer, or so I was told by the me up artist who sold it to me – and which is true because I’ve used it over areas where I need more coverage and it has concealed – doesn’t really work under the eyes. It ends up ashy looking. Anyway I went to the counter and the lovely Bobbi Brown make up artist after trying out the the creamy concealer and corrector on me told me that the product was just too much for me as apparently my under eyes aren’t that bad. I love her honesty! Instead she recommended me the Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener which is a mixture of the concealer and corrector in liquid form. First of all, I love this because it was cheaper than the corrector and concealer and it’s not heavy at all. Infact, I love wearing this even if I have no foundation on because it is undetectable and it doesn’t crease! High five Bobbi!! Yes, we are on first name terms. The doe foot applicator makes it really easy to apply directly on to the under eye and them I just pat it in with my ring finger.

Okay,  on my beauty wishlist I said I wanted the “Naked Basics” palette but instead I bought the Naked 2 which is slightly more expensive but you get double the eyeshadows. So, I did go swatch the “Naked Basics” palette and as usual Urban Decay delivered luxurious feeling eyeshadow s with amazing pigmentation. However, for my own skin tone the first three colours did nothing they were all just highlights and I don’t need that many matte eyeshadow highlights niether could I justify spending £20 on the three darker eyeshadows even though “Naked2” and “Faint” would make perfect transition colours on my skin. So, I looked at the Naked 2 palette and thought hmm this contains “Foxy” and a matte Black which is similar to the deep black brown (pretty much black no one would realise the difference) in the Naked Basics palette” so, I bought it. I also bought a mini Urban Decay primer potion with the Naked 2 palette because I needed an eyeshadow primer. I also ordered the Urban Decay “All-nighter setting spray” from the Debenham’s website  when they had free postage and packaging which was another thing on my beauty wishlist. Uhhooofffff, lots of Urban Decay!

The last thing off my wishlist that I got was the MAC “Creme Cup”” lipstick. It’s a natural slightly blue toned light pink. Look at me telling you the undertone of the lipstick I’m a pro now. I tried on this lipstick once at the MAC counters because I have been on the search for a pinky-nude, because all my nudes seems to be peachy/browny, and I was wowed so, ever since that I’ve wanted it. I love the colour, texture, smell, lasting power of this lipstick.

If you’re still reading your on the last run now!

The other things I bought were the L’oreal super liner with the slim nib in the colour “Carbon Black”. This is like liquid liner in pen form which I love because I can’t do liquid eyeliner. I can do gel liner but liquid eyeliner in felt tip form just makes it so much quicker and you don’t need a brush. I had a Topshop version of this and I must say that the L’oreal one is much blacker and doesn’t fade throughout the day so I like it very much. Another thing, I bought was a Rimmel eyeliner in “Nude” I just think these are a really natural and neutral way of making the eye’s seem bigger and much more awake. AND last but not least, I bought the Max Factor creamy blush in “Soft Copper”, I’m not a blusher girl I usually don’t wear it because my cheeks naturally make me look like the cousin of Noddy so, I don’t bother. However, my friend said that without blusher some make up looks can make you look washed out and I agree so, I went on the search for a natural blush and found one! I think this blush just puts that colour back in without making me feel like a clown.

So, that’s it for this post I hope you enjoyed the pictures and basically my ranting story of how I bought all of this. I definitely won’t be buying much make up anytime soon! Leave me a comment if you own any of these products and how you feel about them – even if they didn’t impress you – because I’d love to know! Anyone else out there with an aversion to blush?


2 thoughts on “Beauty Haul

  1. Wow! This is a lot of products! I actually like blush quite a bit. I think it adds a nice glow to the face if applied right. I hope you enjoy all of your new goodies. It’s always nice to splurge every once in awhile.


    • Yeah it was a big splurge but I hadn’t bought anything in quite awhile. I agree with you on the blush because I think it looks great on other people I just think because I have really naturally pink cheeks i kinda thought it’d just bring them out through the foundation. I am enjoying the blush i bought though and all the other products. 🙂


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