Things to do in June

So, it’s pretty much half way through the year and now with uni over I feel like I can do other things. So below are things I plan to do in June they aren’t very exciting at all I’m not going anywhere or doing anything amazing. These things are more for my self than anyone else but I feel like if I write a post about them I’ll be more motivated to do it.

#1) Lose weight. My target is to lose 6lbs this month.

  • Motivation – this comes from the fact that two of my cousins are getting married very soon and I want to look good. Majority of my girl cousins are slim and look beautiful in clothes and I want to be like that too rather than chunky and tubby.
  • Action – Don’t lose motivation.
    -Go to the gym a last 3/4 times a week.
    -Eat healthily. I have the time to make healthy food now so, I will buy it, make it and eat it.

#2) Read my books for my dissertation and my core module next semester in Modernism. I know summer has just begun but I have a lot of books to get through.

  • Motivation – this is my last year at uni and I need to do well. I want to graduate with a good grade either a 2:1 or a first. A first aspirational but I can do it if I push myself. I do not want extra stress in my third year of being behind on reading.
  • Action – Order the books. Done!
    – start reading the books. Starting with books for dissertation.
    – allocate time just to read.

#3) Enjoy my last official summer holiday – this is my last proper summer holiday in my student life and I will make the most of it. This time will never return.


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