Not so calorific “cheesecake”

Aloha all!

Its pretty damn humid! Oh England you and your alternative weather going against the seasons! You little hipster island. I don’t actually know if someone would actually eat this in humid weather but I’m putting it up anyway. I know I said I would post this the day after my previous post but I lied  I got caught up in my oh so busy life of not doing much. Also, please forgive the photography in this pictorial step by step I’m no photographer.

So the ingredients would be what you need initially, of course. Not being patronising or anything but if Gordon Ramsay was to stumble upon this I’d want to patronise the F out of him – I do like him I promise. I’d prefer Jamie Oliver to discover me but this recipe contains no olive oil – damn it!

Ingredients – in non-technical/ imperial measurements

Total 0% fat free authentic Greek yoghurt

2 Alpen light double chocolate bars

1 Banana (optional, or any other fruit you like)

Sweetener (optional, if you wanted to sweeten the Greek yoghurt)

A glass or bowl

A spoon



So after getting the ingredients together, you want to melt the Alpen light bars. So, you want to put them on a plate, after you’ve taken off the wrapper, and put them in the microwave for 15-20 seconds max. I would recommend watching them whilst they are in there.

After, they’ve been melted you want to about one bar and about 1/3 of the second bar and crush in into the bottom of your bowl or glass until its flattened. This part is quite therapeutic for any pent up anger.

Secondly,you want to decide how much Greek yoghurt you want to use. Then at this point if you think Greek yoghurt is too sour on its own you can mix some sweetener into it, and then just layer your Greek yoghurt on top of the flattened layer of Alpen bars.

At this point, you can also add your optional layer of fruit on top of the Yoghurt. This will make it more filling and seem a lot more healthy. I don’t like mixing berry fruits or raisins with chocolate because that is a crime against food laws, but bananas are non-offending and neutral so they can be paired with chocolate. Also, you could add nuts like chopped almonds or pecans. It’s really up to you.

Finally with the remaining two thirds of an Alpen bar you can sprinkle it on top because that tastes good and seems professional.

And…..From the sideFrom the top

That’s what it should resemble somewhat!

I hope you guys enjoyed this! It’s actually a pretty easy and quick thing to make.



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