Beauty bins #1

The other day I was just staring my lipsticks as you do when you’re bored. I actually really love lipstick it’s probably my favorite beauty item and I think the lipstick you wear can influence your whole day. Anyway as I was running my figures across the tubes I came to one that I hadn’t really worn since the day I bought it . I don’t remember actually having any memories with this lipstick. Perhaps, I’ve dabbed it on my lips or mixed it with others but I don’t think I’ve worn in on its own even though I’ve probably had it for two years. The only memory I remember of this lipstick s purchasing in my first kind of starter make up as I was getting into make up. I thought it’d be a good nude – oh the innocence.The lipstick

I think my naivety of make up really shows in this lipstick. Maybelline colour sensational ‘605 Precious Beige’. Firstly, it’s a frost. Nothing wrong with a bit of subtle shimmer on the lips but this bad boy is full on glitter. If you want to go for the mutton dressed as lamb look than this lipstick will do it for you in two swipes.

Just glitterI wouldn’t say there is any real colour in this lipstick it is just glitter. Anyway, even though I hate not using up product I threw this in the big because I knew I would never use it. So, yes I feel okay for throwing it away and I move forward with my lipstick hoarding habit in a search for a better one to replace it.


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