Err, how do I put this?

I’m not very good at writing short and sweet blog posts! I somehow end up waffling which is awful, and then I feel like the post has lost its meaning. I have stuff to write about, and I will write it only to press backspace and delete it all which ends in me not updating my blog in ages! Its kind of like a vicious circle of blogging. Maybe I should try limiting myself to like 500 words for each blog post, unless it has to be long, so then it’ll be short and sweet. I don’t know, you guys other bloggers tell me how do you keep your posts short, sweet, and relevant to what you are posting about?


2 thoughts on “Err, how do I put this?

  1. I seem to go two ways- long and waffly or too short to post. So far I’ve found that lists are a good way to cut down on words. However the best thing is choosing a theme with a relatively large font because it makes long posts look like essays and for me that’s good incentive to cut down.


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