A slight addiction


I’ve always  liked a good cereal bar  generally the ones without dried fruit in them such as berries ect.  The other day I went to ASDA and these were on sale for a pound a box – an offer I couldn’t resist. So,  I picked up my usual  flavours which are chocolate, and chocolate and mint,  along with some adventurous flavours  like chocolate and coconut,  and chocolate and fudge. Can you tell I like chocolate?  So,  anyway because it’s Ramadan,  which means no eating during daylight hours,  I have a bar or two of these before my starting my fast so,  at sunrise.  I think the oats and grains in them do actually  keep me fuller for longer.  Well,  as full as you can be when your going 18hours without food or water!  Anyway,  have any of you guys been enjoying these? I hope next time I visit ASDA they are still on offer.  If you haven’t tried them I recommend you do because they’re very yummy! 


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