Dissertation reading | Dissertation Diaries #1


I’ve finally finished reading for my dissertation which is going to based on these two books. I started off reading ‘Dracula’ which I was meant to read for one of my modules in summer term but never finished  it.  I have to say it’s a good read but in some places it does drag. If you’ve read this book you can totally  see why it’d appeal  to the Victorian reader and their  longwinded-ness (I’m unsure if that ‘V’  should be capitalised? Don’t judge me).  The other book I’ve read for my dissertation is ‘The Monk’ which  eventhough has quite a packed narrative,  by packed I mean Lewis  probably could’ve written the book in less words,  the read itself is quite gripping. I actually finished  it quicker than ‘Dracula’.

I wouldn’t say my dissertation reading is done because  I’ve got to do some secondary reading that supports what I’m going to argue in my dissertation. No one’s  going to take my flimsy undergrad statements as persuasive  if I don’t  find material  that kinda  sorta  backs it up,  c’monn.  My argument is how the female characters are constructed in the Masculine Gothic which is the genre of these two novels. I would put my actual working title up for my dissertation but I don’t know if that’d flag up as plagiarism when they check your text against the Internet. I’m being extra careful.

This isn’t the only reading  I’ve got to do before uni starts  I’ve got to read novels  for my other  core  English  Literature module  too,  ‘Modernism’,  which includes the hefty beast of a read ‘Ulysses’ by James Joyce along with 5 other novels,  and another  few books  for other modules. I’ve got so much reading to do  but I really want to be on top of my game for my final year at uni. Okay,  I should  probably stop rambling  now and do some reading!



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