I broke Technology.

If your wondering how I’m writing this post then I just want to inform you that I’m telepathic! That’s actually a lie but I have broken my technology. Two pretty essential pieces of my technology including phone and my laptop.

My phone has totally gone off its only source of energy. I don’t know why but the poor thing does not even acknowledge when I put the charger into the charging point to re-energise it. So, it’ll be off to visit the manufacturers Samsung where it’ll be operated on and fixed hopefully.

The other piece of technology I’ve broken is my laptop. I actually haven’t broken my laptop but a quarter of my screen doesn’t work all the pixels are dead. So, I need to get that fixed which I think is going to cost me around £70-80. Eek.

So, I’m basically going to be living in the dark ages. Well, I hope not because I’m sending my phone off first, and then I’ll get my laptop fixed so I won’t be so cut off!


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