Dissertation dilemmas | Dissertation Diaries #2

I am in a state of denial but really I am fearing for my grades in the year ahead.  The other day I found out from another student that my dissertation supervisor,  who is a lecturer at my uni who specialises in The Gothic/Masculine Gothic, is leaving.  Whhhheeeerrr whaaa what? I don’t know if he got made redundant by the uni because there have been sadly lots of cuts and job losses at my uni, especially in the School of humanities, or he left to move to another uni where his position would be secure.  If my uni made him redundant all I can say is that was a dumb move this guy specialises in The Gothic,  Modernism,  and teaches psychoanalytic theory. Anyway, I digress but I’m so scared I don’t want to be palmed off to another lecturer who can supervise me, there are other lecturers at my uni who specialise in The Gothic genre but I chose him. I went to his office and discussed my proposed thesis, he suggested books I could read as secondary sources,  areas that I should leave out, we built up a relationship through email correspondence. I chose him because he seemed the most passionate about the subject and approachable (and his cool Irish accent), and now I’m heart-broken.  I might not be able to do a dissertation and might be shoved on to a literary module that I don’t want to do,  or I might end up with a supervisor who doesn’t understand my thesis or doesn’t like my ideas and will just end up giving me a shit grade. It does help when your on a course like English to get the lecturer to agree with your opinions because then they’ll have a better understanding of what you mean, and give you a better grade. Even though,  the lecturers preach that our writing should be coherent, concise,  and persuasive enough to sway anyone, even your worst enemy not that you’d write them literary essays.  Anyway,  I’ve emailed my course convener in regards to this and see what he says, so I’ll keep you guys poated on the whole situation.

*In other news –
1) my phone is back from repair, yaaay.

2) I do know that Aliyah, from Magical Three (go see her blog), has nominated me for ‘Versatile Blogger’, Thank you so much I still can’t get over it,  and I will take part in it after my Laptop screen in fixed because I don’t really know how to use this WordPress app.


2 thoughts on “Dissertation dilemmas | Dissertation Diaries #2

  1. Ahh that’s really annoying, especially after you’ve built up such a rapport with someone. You’re also right about English being the kind of subject where it helps if someone is on your wavelength and ‘gets’ you.You never know though, your next supervisor could be better than you think! Stay optimistic.


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