My 20th | Birthday “haul”

On the 15th of this month was my 20th birthday, and I thoroughly got spoiled and spoiled myself. I think one of the best parts of getting older is you can “spoil” yourself.

*Warning – long post*

The first thing I got myself were these gorgeous lashes by sera-g eyelashes.  I haven’t worn them yet but I think they look amazing. These are the first set of “full lashes” I’ve got, I usually just wear half lashes on the other corners of my eye bit I thought I’d venture out. Anyway, I’m super excited to wear them.


The next two things are from a cheeky MAC purchase. So first is “Nylon” which the MAC website describes as a “pale gold with icy shimmer (frost)”. I bought this because it’s probably the best inner corner highlight ever created.


A long with “Nylon” I purchased “Expensive pink”. Now I don’t think “Expensive pink” gets enough love on the Internet but I’d say its a quirky neutral, as in you could wear a wash of it every day and you wouldn’t look overdone. Temptali describes “Expensive Pink” to be “a dirty rose with peach and gold. It has a veluxe finish. It’s one of MAC’s more complex shades”. I agree that is a very unique shade with its duochrome effect, which goes perfectly with my bridesmaids dress.


The next piece of make up was from one of my oldest childhood friends,  and when I opened the box I immediately text her “Omg, oh no you didn’t” which she imagined me to say in my “ghetto” accent. Its the Mary Loumanizer by theBalm. Basically, the best highlighter ever created. I think even though I don’t own MAC “soft and gentle” that the Mary Loumanizer highlighter could give it a run for it’s money. This highlighter is like wham-bam-thank-you-mam in your face. I am in love.



"Nylon" in the middle, Mary loumanizer on the left, "Expensive Pink" on right

I also got this silver necklace from another special friend for my birthday which I think is perfect for wearing everyday to feel like you’ve always got something “on”. I like how its quite a thick chain rather than dainty because it means you don’t have to be so careful, if you’re clumsy like me.


From my cousins I received this super cute strawberry Pandora charm for my bracelet which I love.  We have a funny story to do with strawberries, so that’s why they got me a strawberry.  I want my bracelet to quite quirky and have the more unusual charms, and I think this fits right in with the other charms.


One of my you can’t see it presents is actually from my parents who are kindly paying for me to have one to one sessions with a personal trainer for 6 weeks. So, excited for that.

I just want to thank everyone who wished me happy birthday,  along with those who went out their way to get me a present. Also, I wrote this post because I enjoy reading posts like these, and I am NOT bragging. If you’re still reading this thank you, and well done for soldiering on,  and give this post a like to let me know.



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