New beginnings in September

Mahbuhay friends of distant blogging lands! Welcome to September.

Okay, I’ll stop being weird now.  But,  quick question are we friends/blog buddies? 

I don’t know if it’s just me but I find September and the new academic year much more of a new year than you know the new year when the dates change. I think its because I’ve spent 4/5ths of my life so far in education. But it’s also that feeling of preparation and anticipation for example I know I have to read the books on my reading list to be prepared but it feels like I’m reading partly into the future and the uncertainty of that because I don’t know what kind of perspective the texts will be presented by our lecturer to us in the lectures. Also,  the mental academic promises you make to yourself “I’m going to put my head down this year”  which is further reinforced by the excessive number of pens, highlighters, and post it notes you buy, which you know will be lost in the first week.

But I also think its autumn thats symbolic. The weather changes and the natural world goes into hibernation. I always think its a time of reflection as the leaves fall from the tree and the tree becomes bare for the winter months. The land becomes barren and stripped down as it draws into its self. Rejuvenating its self for the next year and only starting yo blossom when the time is ready for it. I think it’s a sign for us to look into ourselves and think of ways to better ourselves. We can also shed and detach ourselves from the previous year to better ourselves and strengthen our minds. Also, its a reminder that we should practice patience in our own lives, even though everyone in this modern world is in a rush and under pressure to preform, just remember a flower that blooms too early is always stunted than the one that waits for everything else to fall into place.

So, yeah I’m excited and apprehensive for tge new academic year.  But I’m also excited for trying to get healthier and fitter with my new personal training regime.

Are you guys starting a fresh in Autumn?  Have you ever thought of autuym like that?


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