Who does she think she is even?!

A few days ago I called up a secondary school in regards to doing some work experience because I need to build up some experience before I can do my post grad in teaching.  Anyway,  so on the first day I called and gave my name and details ect which were apparently going to be passed on to the head of the English department because that’s the area I want to teach in. I was told she’d call me back. So I waited that afternoon obviously I assumed she’d ring me after school that day.  But she didn’t, so I waited another day but no call.

So, today I decided I would ring the school again just to chase things up. Another receptionist answered,  I know it was another receptionist because she had a distinct accent,  so I told her my situation, and without checking, without asking her colleague,  without any reassurance in her voice she said,  “Its been forwarded”. How does she even know without checking? I heard no computer clicking or anything.  So, by her response I realised that these receptionists didn’t really give two sh*ts, and so I asked if I could email the teacher directly, she replied, “You can email and we will forward it” – errr no you jeffing won’t. Anyway,  I got the email because I didn’t have much choice.

I just hated her mindless monotone voice. It just aggravated me so much. She just seemed so dead between the eyes.  I mean as a receptionist it’s your job to play messenger and communicate things back and forth.  The first one wasn’t much better.  I know being a receptionist isn’t exactly a job you can be passionate about, but a little oomph in your voice to make it sound helpful, and actually checking up rather just blatantly lying is something. To her it may seem like nothing – a bit of work experience – but my future could depend on it.

Anyway,  hopefully I won’t have to go through the drones of receptionists now because my brother,  who attends the school,  got me the email of the head of English.

Glad to get that off my chest. Still hate them both, and receptionists in general.

Any of you had horrible experiences with receptionists?


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