Short replies

What do you do when someone is giving you short replies and they’re your good friend?

I have this friend who if we don’t see each other for a while, such as time off uni, she kind of becomes distant. I genuinely consider her a good friend. When we are together it is as though we’re really close and she texts like a normal friend would. But when holidays start such as summer holidays I feel like when I text her she just doesn’t care. I’ll ask her how she is and she’ll reply but not ask me back or I’ll ask her what she’s been upto and she’ll give me a short sentence but not ask me back, and also it has always been me that has initiated the conversation. I’ve tried having a text conversation but it seems as though she’s forcing herself so I’ve just left it. I know people are busy over summer, and I’ve been busy over summer, but I have childhood friends and just friends I don’t see a lot who I text and its completely as though we each other all the time. It really makes me feel disillusioned because I don’t know if she’s angry at me or why she would be angry at me. Plus,  I like to consider myself a good friend and I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings.

Anyway, I’ll be seeing her again at uni soon and I don’t know how she’ll act. I’m going to act normal but I feel like asking her why she has been like that all summer. I kind of have laid off texting her because I felt like I was annoying her. I haven’t text her her much over the summer because of her lack of response – just every now and then. It just makes me feel sad inside because I really thought we’d carry on being friends after uni ends through text even if we can’t see each other regularly.

It’s so wierd how short replies can make you feel uncomfortable. Have any of you guys experienced this with a friend? 


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