Stationery haul

The best thing about a new academic year is the excuse to buy new stationery that comes with it.  Now I believe there are two types of people in this world: people that hate stationery or don’t care for it,  and people that love stationery.  I am the latter. I can tell you that I practiced alot of self restraint when it came to purchasing these items, but Paperchase lured me in with its 15% student discount for online purchases. Some of the purchases aren’t Paperchase as you’ll see.


The roll at the top is an academic calendar that comes with little stickers to highlight important dates, and a pen. It was £4.99 from Rymans. I’ve tried having academic diaries before but they never really work for me, so I thought I’d give this way ago. The BIC pens are also from Rymans. I just got them in black. I also get student discount in Rymans, so this came in under a tenner.

The neon green writing pad is from WHsmiths. I always get this style of pad, and I’ve had it in every single colour, black, blue, purple,  pink. I saw this colour and had to have it because it’s the first time I’ve seen it, and I love how bright it is! It was £3-something. WHsmith don’t do student discount, so I refuse to give them generous amounts of my money.

Now on to the Paperchase stuff! The floral print book is actually an address book for my house. If you saw our current address book you’d probably want to report us to the phone book abuse helpline, its lost its back and front covers,  has tea stains on it, and is in tatters.  So I thought it was time to replace it, and I think I’m going to have to write all the numbers in. It was £6.50 (minus 15% off price) by the way.

The book above the address book is the sticky notes book which I bought in the geometric theme. I love sticky notes, I could probably write an ode to sticky notes, and I love the fact that there are 480 sticky notes in this book because at the price of £4.50 (minus 15% off price) that’s less than a penny for each post it! I also love that it’s brown paper, and the different sizes! Oh the novelty!


On a similar theme,  I also bought page markers! I really find these helpful for pages with important quotes that you can use in an essay or exam. As an English student,  we have to take note of significant developments or points in the texts that we’re reading, so this helps. Even though we have to buy a lot of core texts ourselves, usually 7-10 books per module and they are our own books alot of people chose not to mark them, so they can re-sell them. Also, they’re good for borrowed library books. I also bought highlighters with cat faces – must I say more?

The last purchase doesn’t really go with my stationery haul but I did purchase it from Paperchase, and it is for uni. It’s my thermal mug with the geometric print! Costa shall drink my money no more!  It was £7 (minus %15 off price).

I hope you all enjoyed my stationery haul. Do you guys love stationery?  Have you bought any stationery lately?  What’s your favourite stationery shop? 


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