September Favourites|2013


I thought this month I’d do a “favourites” type of post. I’ve just thrown together things I’ve really enjoyed using or eating, so we’ll get right into it! I think I’ll start with food because who doesn’t love food?!

This month I’ve been addicted to broccoli like I’m going to become a herbivore or something. Everyday with my dinner for the last month I’ve had broccoli, even if it doesn’t go with the meal, and I’ll eat the broccoli first because the little florets look like miniature trees and that makes me so happy.  I also feel like my skins been really good this month which I know could be influenced by lots of factors but I’ve heard broccoli is really good for the skin.

The British Brocs from the Scots.

The Brocs.

Another food I’ve been  loving  is hummus. I love dipping florets of broccoli into the hummus and just devouring it. Also, have been loving dipping olives into the hummus, or just eating it on it’s own. It’s actually weird because no one else in my house likes hummus, well everyone I’ve offered it to being my mum, my brother, and sister, I haven’t offered it to my dad but I wonder if he’ll like it because he lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years, so he must’ve come across it. Apparently, the daily allowance is that you should eat 1/4 a pot a day but hummus is so moreish that I’m not going to lie I can eat a whole pot in one sitting, unless I practice self restraint.


My kinda crack in paste form.

My kinda crack in paste form.


Obviously alongside hummus, olives have become another foody fave. I love picking these up on the way home from the Sainsbury’s in Manchester Piccadilly train station. They are delicious and juicy! These ones actually still have the stone in them which I think is why they are cheaper than the others. I also love the olives in the piri piri oil with a slice of chilli stuffed in them, where the stones have been removed, but I’m sure they are not as healthy because of the oil, and they are more expensive, so they’re more like a treat.


My last foody fave is dark chocolate. I’m not going to lie dark chocolate is definitely an acquired taste! Now, I feel like milk chocolate does nothing for me, I mean I still love normal milk chocolate but I’d have to devour tonnes of it and the tonnes of calories in it to feel satisfied. Whereas, with dark chocolate the richness means you have less, so therefore lesser calories, which I think is a win-win situation. I take a square and break it in half and just put the chocolate in my mouth and let it melt into goodness, and I am satisfied. What’s even better is that keeps me topped up on good ol’ antioxidants found in dark chocolate – woohoo!

Dark choc


On to beauty faves which are all eye products this month.

I haven’t been wearing a lot of make up recently as my skins been good, even though when my skins bad I avoid make up because I want to let it “breathe”. Anyway, what I mean is when I’ve been wearing make up I haven’t been wearing foundation because the redness in my skin has calmed down (Thank you Lord) which I think has been down to drinking two litres of water everyday, eating broccoli and dark chocolate, but I don’t know maybe I’ve just been lucky, and now a breakout will hit me in the face.

So, to cover up my under eye dark circles I’ve been following this routine. I went into The Body Shop a few weeks back and got a sample of the Vitamin E eye cream which I’ve been using after during my morning routine and before going to sleep, and I’ve really noticed how easily and flawlessly it allows my concealer to blend in. I’ll definitely be purchasing this. I’ve also been loving my Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener (I’m in the shade “Bisque”) because it doesn’t crease, it covers, it lightweight, and it’s undetectable, so no one can tell where my concealer ends and my skin starts. Whilst you can pat the concealer in with fingers, I’ve been loving using my real techniques deluxe crease brush because I like to create an under V with the concealer, so that it highlights and brightens my face, which the brush is great for because it just effortlessly buffs the product in in no time. This is really a trio of favourites.

The winning combination

The winning combination


Another to eye products I’ve been loving are the L’oreal Super liner perfect slim because it just makes doing top liner in the morning so easy, compared to the faff of gel liner and a liner brush, and I can create any sort of flick because the nib is amazing and flexible. Also, the ink is black and it doesn’t fade throughout the day, or transfer, like other pen liquid liners. I’ve worn it for 16 hours some days and it didn’t budge.

The spoon shaped mascara wand is great for coating the lashes and holding a curl. I also like to flip the brush around, and use the shorter bristles at the end of the brush to  flare out the outer corner lashes.

The spoon shaped mascara wand is great for coating the lashes and holding a curl. I also like to flip the brush around, and use the shorter bristles at the end of the brush to flare out the outer corner lashes.

My last favourite is my mascara which is Maybelline “The Falsies” Flared in Black or Blackest Black –  don’t know and don’t see the difference between the two, and also I have black hair, so maybe that’s why. As I just said my lashes are black and they are good lashes as in they are long and they don’t grow straight down but curved, so I do still have to curl them. I have fine hair but lots of it, and I also think this is the case for my lashes they are very fine but there is a lot of them, so I find the thicker and drier of the mascara coats the hairs well, whilst still keeping them defined and separated, and adding volume at the same time. This mascara does add some length, but for the type of eyelashes I have I’m not really looking for length. I’m looking for flared separation, volume, and the ability to hold a curl which this mascara does quite well.


Annnnd, that’s it! those were my favourites for this month. To be honest, I probably won’t do favourites every month because I don’t think I’ll have a significant amount of changes to talk about, but we’ll see.

Tell me what your favourites have been this month? What food or beauty products have you been loving? Were any of my favourites your favourites?



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