Versatile Blogger Awards | 2013

Welcome to the VBAs ladies and gentlem’errrrrrrrn. Tonight, I’m finally getting round to posting my “Versatile Blogger Award” post which I was nominated by the lovely Aliya from Three Magical, all the way back in July. Thank you so much for nominating me Aliya.


So the get this award you have to:

1) Thank the person who nominated you.
2) Post 7 facts about yourself.
3) Nominate 15 People.
4) Put the “Versatile Blogger Award” badge on your page.

So, my 7 facts are:

1) I was born with developmental dysplasia of the hip which is when the ball of the hip (top of the femur) doesn’t fit into the pelvic socket because it hasn’t developed properly. So, from newborn to a few months old or maybe a year old I have to wear a special brace until all the tendons and ligaments were strong enough to hold the ball of the hip in place.

2) When I was 12 I slipped on a coke bottle lid and broke my thigh bone (the bone didn’t snap it was more that it cracked), but the GP just gave me some pain killers and anti-inflammatory medicine. It wasn’t until I went for a check up for my hip that my pediatrician was like “Your leg has broken and your body has tried to fix itself, and now from the knee down is growing 15 degrees in the wrong direction”, and I had to have surgery to repair it, which included them mechanically breaking my thigh again, and re-aligning my leg with an external frame.

It looked something like this but around my thigh. The pins are screwed into the boned and to the external frame which is what keeps it attached to the body.

It looked something like this but around my thigh. The pins are screwed into the boned and to the external frame which is what keeps it attached to the body.

3) I’m actually a shy person, which is hard for people to understand because I’m also loud and bubbly. But lots of new people in one place at the time makes me feel shy, and then I become socially awkward. I prefer small groups, or spending time with one friend at a time.

4) I find it hard to say “No” because I don’t like letting people down.

5) I love the Lion king and Mulan. I have a crush on Simba.

6) I love studying and learning new things. I know that sounds so cliche, but its true.

7) In the back of my eye, I still have some of my foetal circulatory system floating around which is meant to disintegrate after a baby’s eyes properly develop but mine never did. So I have these straggly bits of foetal matter still attached to my optical nerve, which I think is pretty cool.


I think I’m only going to nominate 5 bloggers because I’d rather nominate blogs that I really enjoy than just nominating for the sake of it.

– A mixture of insightful posts about life experiences such as studying, and working, make-up, and everything in between.

The Glamour Nazi – A beauty blogger willing to give everything a try, and a honest review, who is, also, an English student!

Feathers & Butterflies – A university student talking truth about the student life, whilst dabbling in fashion and beauty.

Well strike me down with a ham sandwich – Posts ranging from science to philosophy, with a dash of sarcasm and seriousness mixed in.

THAT GIRL GRACE – A history student with a love for books, baking, and beauty.

I really hope they all accept their nomination!


Can somebody tell me how to put the badge on my blog please? I’m not very good at getting to grips with this formatting lark!

Also, I’ve updated my “About” page, so I hope you check it out and subscribe!


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