How Britain doesn’t cope with weather.

I find it so odd that Britain in general is so unprepared for any sort of extremities of weather. I know we live in quite a temperate part of the world, but considering we have the technology to predict what kind of weathers coming our way you’d think we’d be able to prepare for it.

Currently, mainly the southern parts of England, particularly the southwest are experiencing a storm. Apparently, it’ll be working its way up through the northwest and midlands that’ll be interesting because I live in the northwest. But, this isn’t really about the current storm we’re facing. This is about the lack of preparation of the people who are in charge of putting structures into place which would make it easier for the rest of us to carry on with our daily lives. I feel like this is an appropriate place to say, “Guys you had ONE job!”.

These are just some of the examples I’ve thought up to demonstrate that Britain has no coping mechanisms when it comes to weather.

Snow in Britain – Shortages of salt to grit the roads? We live in a first world country. Russia and Canada are laughing at us whilst rolling in 10ft deep snow at our lack of ability to cope with a few inches.

Torrential Rain? – Drainage can’t cope. Floods and burst pipes. I know the drainage system was built over a hundred years ago but maybe we could work on improving the parts that are most prone to floods!

Leaves shedding? – Train delay due to leaves on the tracks.

Summer heatwave? – 80% of places have no air conditioning.

Windy? – Don’t know if buildings are strong enough to cope.

I know we can’t exactly control nature, but Nature has been around as long as humans. Nature hasn’t changed, but humans have, and we know so much, and have so much technology and materials that would make living in the natural world, where we’ve always lived, so much easier.

Britannia, girl, pull your knickers up and sort this out. I totally understand that weather is a big bully that’s always changing its tactics. But, this is the big bad world you’ve got to cope in, Little miss Island that once ruled the world. Coping with weather should not be challenging.

I don’t really know where this rant is going but leave a comment on your thoughts or complaints about how unprepared Britain is at coping with weather?


2 thoughts on “How Britain doesn’t cope with weather.

  1. underwaterraven says:

    I live in the West Midlands and I think it might be something to do with the fact that because we don’t get any kind of extreme weather on a predictable basis (like Russia with their winters etc.) then we just whine about little weather changes. I mean, when I lived in New Zealand, we used to get the tail-end of tropical storms all the time, which meant high winds, tsunamis, torrential rain and lightning storms, but the whole country’s attitude was basically, “Meh.” Whereas in Britain, if there’s a storm, the country’s like “DON’T GO OUTSIDE DON’T TRAVEL, YOU DON’T GO NOWHERE BECAUSE IT’S THE APOCALYPSE”.
    But I don’t know. Perhaps we’re just a melodramatic country.


    • Wow, that must’ve been a cool place to live. I totally agree with the melodrama around it which I think comes from our weather reports which use all the adjectives and tone in thier voice to make it seem horrific when it’s just abit windier than usual. It’s actually quite funny to look back on.


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