HUGE UPDATE & getting serious!|Dissertation Diaries #3

Woaah, it’s been a long time since I posted one of these! If I was a reader who reads these posts I’d be thinking “is that girl even still doing a dissertation?”, and the answer is yes I am!

Time for an Update:

So in my last dissertation post, I was fretting about how my original supervisor had left, and I was a lost soul clinging on to my hypothesis for my dear nerdy life,  and I was about to email my course convener to sort it out. Well, I did, and he emailed back saying I could either contact the lecturer who is the dissertation module convener and get it sorted, or that he’d be willing to supervise me. So, I decided I’d just go for him because I was on a dissertation supervisor relationship rebound.  So he became my dissertation supervisor, and from now on on this blog he shall be called G-Dubbs.

So, I sent him my plan and he said it was “solid start” and he looked forward to meeting up. I still haven’t gone to see him yet. His only suggestion was that I mention something about the different publication dates of the novels. So, I’ll tell you all about that below.

But since my last update –

  • I’ve selected all the quotes out the novels that will support my argument. I probably have too many quotes, but having too many is better than having not enough because then it can seem like your essay is trying to draw blood from a stone. I can always cut down and use the ones that are most significant.
  • I’ve also collected all the secondary sources that I think will be relevant from the Library. One of the critics that I’m using are Judith Butler, whose really important when it comes to discussing gender constructs, and also Julia Kristeva whose work “Power of Horror; An essay on Abjection” will probably be the foundation of my thesis. Standing on the shoulders of giants and all that!

Update over, and up to the present time.

So, recently, I’ve been trying to get my dissertation going, and I’ve collected secondary, which I am yet to read. But I’ve realised that my the second part of my thesis didn’t really fit well with what I was trying to say. So, My initial plan was that in the second part of my dissertation I’d discuss how Lucy Westenra’s beauty in “Dracula” makes her the victim of Dracula’s plan and compare that to the victims in “The Monk”, Agnes and Antonia. However, I had a BIG realisation that really the character Dracula doesn’t even have a say in the novel. (If, you’ve read the novel you’ll know it is  a chronological series of journal entries, and some letters, written by the character, who are all British.) So, Dracula really doesn’t have a say because he only has one entry at the very end of the novel, up until then the reader can only perceive Dracula  through what is written about him by the other Characters. (You could write a whole essay about that itself because Dracula is from the East and the other characters are from the West, and so all things West vs East in the novel.) But, I digress. So, my tweak of that part of my dissertation is that instead I’m going to look at how Lucy is constructed by the other men in the novel, such as her fiance Arthur, Seward, Qunicey, and Dr Van Helsing, in comparison with how Agnes and Antonia are constructed by the male characters in “The Monk”. So I emailed G-Dubbs this to let him know, and also have some correspondence with him.

I also, included in my email about what kind of things should I mention about the different publication dates because he suggested I say something. The only differences I’m really aware of is that “The Monk” is written during the Romantic period, whereas “Dracula” is written in the Victorian period. Obviously, what I mention about the publication dates will in some way have to be relevant to my thesis otherwise it’ll just seem out of place and incoherent.

I’m really hoping he’ll email me back by Monday, and I want to go see him on Thursday during his office hours, and really discuss it, like the parts I’ve picked out, and the secondary reading parts I think are relevant. After November the 15th, which is when my Modernism essay is due, I really want to pow down on my dissertation, and get it done with enough time for drafting ect.

So yeah, that’s right up to the present moment. I hope you guys are enjoying my “Dissertation Diaries” series of posts, and if you have please “Like” this post. If, this is the first one your reading then you can find the very first dissertation post, here, and the second one here.


Leave me a comment telling me about your dissertation or final project if you’re doing one? How’s it going? What’s it about? What’s your supervisor like?


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