One of those days…

Ever since I’ve started having personal training at the gym I’ve dedicated Saturday, Sunday, and Monday to go and work out. I see my personal trainer on Wednesdays. Now, the Wednesday workout isn’t very long I see my personal trainer for an hour and he changes up the weights which target different parts of the body, and we don’t do cardio (He only changes that up every 6 weeks) . However,  on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I have to do the whole workout which is about an hour of weights, and then an hour of cardio, which adds up to about two hours. But I end up being at the gym for nearly three because I have to set up the weights and stuff that I need, and then I put them all away again, and obviously sometimes I take a few minutes just to re-group myself if anything is too taxing.

Anyway after that long intro (sorry), I’ll get to the point the point of today. Today, I decided not to go gym. I had put on my gym clothes ready to walk there, and was about to put on my trainers, but then I was just like “naahhh”, and I feel a tad guilty for slacking. However, I feel like I need this day off to re-group mentally because for the last 3 weeks I’ve been working on my two assignments that were due, and I feel mentally exhausted. Spending, nearly 3 hours at the gym is great sometimes because I love that alone time with myself, and feeling better and fitter in myself. But, I think in the whole grand scheme of things one day off won’t have major consequences, but then I think about the cost personal training sessions on top of what I pay to be a member at the gym, which adds up to a lot of money. Also, missing gym means that I won’t be able to have a small “treat” everyday, such as chocolate because if I do I won’t have lost enough calories through exercise to have lost weight, which is the whole purpose of going to the gym and eating healthy because I want to lose weight. So, yeah I’m feeling a bit ambivalent about this whole day off, but I guess its just one of those days. I need it to stay sane, and mentally healthy, which is just as important too.

Let me know if any of you ever feel like I have? (I can’t be the only one) Do you ever have days where doing nothing is just the best? Especially, after a few stressful weeks.


4 thoughts on “One of those days…

  1. The Fit Mom Diary says:

    Yes! Sometimes I just feel a bit burned out on exercise so I take a day to just relax. And just like you, I feel guilty, but in the days that follow I have more resolve and am more dedicated. A bit of guilt every now and then can have a positive effect!


  2. Everyday is just “one of those days” in one way or another for me, whether it’s not feeling like doing an assignment or two (or three), not going to the gym, or not wanting to go outside at all, among other things 😛

    Everyone deserves to be lazy once in a while.


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