How to conquer your dissertation | Dissertation diaries #5


A hearty and healthy breakfast, such as these healthy “pancakes”. I should share the recipe they are amazing,  and delicious,  and not as bad as real pancakes. My breakfast usually involves fruits such as bananas, persimmon, and pears, because they’re full of fruity good sugary goodness; I like to wash it all down with a cup tea to actually wake me up.


more copious amounts of tea. The hello kitty cup is optional, however the unhealthy chocolate related snacks are encouraged. Academia encourages obesity; you gotta eat to attain higher knowledge. I’m sure they put up the uni fees because they want to discourage people from going to uni and to fight the obesity epidemic.

Look empowered.

If you look empowered, and feel empowered your dissertation, or final project will quiver in fear, and know you are its maker! Red lipstick makes me feel empowered, so I’m wearing it with no other make up on in my pj’s, – I’m normal– but I can hear my dissertation fearing for its life. You also have to take a picture of you with your game face on so you know how fierce you look. That’s my lips informing my dissertation through body language that you don’t know who you’re messing with!

I hope everyone else battling with dissertations, and final projects is managing okay! It’s really stressful, and soul destroying, but remember it’s allllllll worth it! She said in a mocking tone. Anyway have a good day every day.


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