A Night Wedding | 2013

On the 24th of November I went to a night wedding, which is something I’ve never been to before. I was at the gym on Sunday, and my brother text me “Are you ever going to return home? We have a wedding to go to, if you want to go”. This made me super excited because I love weddings! My parents had forgotten about this wedding, but we were on the groom side, as it was my mum’s cousin’s son, who are from Southampton. The bride side is from Manchester. (If you aren’t accustomed to Muslim Asian weddings what happens is the groom side, and groom side guests, will travel up to the wedding party, hosted by the bride’s side, where the wedding party usually will  be). The reception party is usually hosted by the groom side, where he lives,  usually a few days  later. So, in this case it had been a long day of journeying for the groom side. However because we live about 30-ish miles outside of central Manchester my dad just phoned up an uncle of mine from the groom side, and asked what time they would approximately be arriving. He informed us in usual Asian style they would be late. The wedding started at 6 – well that’s what it said on the cards -, and the groom side arrived at 6.30, and the bride side, who live local to the venue, arrived at 8!

Anyway on to what I wore, which as you can imagined wasn’t planned at all, and I had to get ready in a rush, and I was hoping the groom’s party would delay more! I was kind of like I have nothing to wear when my mum was like “Why don’t you wear that?”, and I was just kind of like mmm-ing, and ahhing, looking at it folded on the top shelf of my wardrobe, but when I bought it down, and opened it up I remembered how much I actually love this dress, and how flattering it is! It’s kind of like an A-line dress because it nips you in under the bust, and then just flows out skimming any belly, love handles, and log legs, because it pretty much is the same length as a midi dress. I love the work on it, which is embellished sequin in an antique gold kind of colour, which make it so elegant, and regal. I paired it with black wedges, and gold accessories.

What I wore.

The dress I wore. It also comes with black leggings in the same fabric as the dress, which is georgette. The neck-line looks weird here but it’s actually a round neck, and the back is exactly the same as the neck.

Being in a rush meant I couldn’t do think about how to plan my make up, so I just threw this together. I was tempted to go for a red lip, but I thought “no” because I just thought I should explore looks with my eyes more.  Also, the lack of time meant I didn’t really contour my face, which is something I do when I go all out with make up. Most of the make up in the picture below has been my everyday make up for November, except the the setting spray, and highlighter. I also thought I’d wear my Armani Code perfume because it’s more of a evening scent to me.

Overview of the make-up that I used. Rimmel Fix & Perfect primer, Illamasqua Skin Base foundation, Sleek blush in "Suede", Urban Decay "The Theodora Palette", YSL "touche eclat highlighter, L'Oreal "Super slim" eyeliner, L'Oreal "False Lash Flutter" mascara, Rimmel lip liner in "Tiramasu", Urban Decay lip junkie in "Naked", and Urban Decay "All Nighter" setting spray.

Overview of the make-up that I used. Rimmel Fix & Perfect primer, Illamasqua Skin Base foundation, Sleek blush in “Suede”, Urban Decay “The Theodora Palette”, YSL “touche eclat highlighter, L’Oreal “Super slim” eyeliner, L’Oreal “False Lash Flutter” mascara, Rimmel lip liner in “Tiramasu”, Urban Decay lip junkie in “Naked”, and Urban Decay “All Nighter” setting spray.

Specific eye-shadows that I used, along with the primer and under eye concealer.

The four specific eye-shadows that I used from the Palette. Along with the primer and under eye concealer because I forgot to put with in overview picture!

I’ve consciously been trying to use my Theodora palette, however, I don’t wear eyeshadow everyday unless I have time, or it’s something really natural. So, the look I created with these four eye shadows complimented my dress. I put the off-white shadow on  the inner half my lid, and then blended the matte medium brown into the crease as a transition colour, and I also blended the brown on my lower eyelid. I took the dark brown, and placed it on the outer half of my lid. Then, I sprayed my eye shadow brush with the UD setting spray, and put the gold eye shadow in the centre of my eyelid. Then, after I’d lined my top lid with the L’Oreal super slim eyeliner I took the glittery black, and placed it on top, but I pulled up a little bit as I did this – kind of blurring out the harsh edge of the eyeliner-, so it  smoked out the liner however it was very subtle. Finally, tight lined my top and bottom water line with black kohl, and put some mascara on.

For my lips I didn’t know what to do so I coloured with in with a nude lip liner, and put lip gloss over them. The lips and blush were very neutral, and in hindsight the eyes I probably could of smoked out some more with the black eyeshadow in the outer corner.

So, that was it. The wedding was really nice, and the food was nice.


What kind of look would you create with a black dress?

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