What’s it like not celebrating Christmas?

No, I don’t celebrate Christmas – this is the part where people usually gasp in shock– and I never have done because it’s not a part of my religion. I know that most people in England don’t celebrate Christmas as a religious festival, but more of a cultural festival, but I guess growing up in a sort of hybrid bi-culture, a mix between English and Asian, and not being Christian its meant that celebrating Christmas would be like going to your next door neighbours nieces boyfriends parents 50th wedding anniversary.  Basically something you aren’t meant to be at.

To be honest, I’ve never really felt like I’m missing out even when I lived in my grandparents house,  which is in a village, and I went to a small school where I was the only Asian child, and the only Muslim. It was only awkward when we’d have to write what we did on Christmas day, and what we got ect because for me Christmas day is just another day. I just use to make it up and pretend because I guess the teachers didn’t really know how to respond when I told them I did nothing. Mainly when I was younger is watch the films on TV on Christmas day, but this year I spent Christmas day writing my English language essay.


During secondary school my group of friends and I would exchange “Christmas-Eid” presents. It was a great collaboration of two festivals  even though the date for Eid changes every year, and there are two Eids a year.  It was fun. I guess Eid is an equivalent to Christmas because we get excited for it, we get new clothes, we get presents, we make loads of food,  we spend time with family. I think Eid should be made into a national holiday too I’m sure no one would mind.

I still love the lights and decorations and things about Christmas. I love the family aspect to it, and  even though my family don’t  celebrate Christmas, Christmas is the perfect day for a family gathering. I can tell you from experience on Christmas day all the cars on the motorway are people who don’t celebrate Christmas zooming to distant places where they have relatives.

Big cities like London, Birmingham, and Manchester, which have some areas that are predominantly Asian actually just stay open.  I know in Manchester the Curry Mile is open on xmas day and people go out to eat, but where I live everything is closed, but I like it how it’s kind of so quiet.  I was looking out my window and I saw a family park up,  and they’d bought they’re camping chairs with them.  I assume it’s because whoever they were visiting didn’t have enough,  but still it’s quite funny.

Yeah so that’s all I had to say I just wanted to share my perspective, but I hope everyone had an enjoyable day to everyone celebrating.

Happy holidays to everyone.


2 thoughts on “What’s it like not celebrating Christmas?

  1. My family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas either but we figure it’s a good excuse to spend time with the family. I think that’s the real spirit of Christmas anyway. Also instead of turkey we ate biryani : P

    How is your essay coming along?


    • Nothing can beat a good biriyani. We get loads of chocolate and food too. Food and good company is all that’s needed. It just needs drafting now but I’m going to start on my dissertation today and leave the language essay for abit.


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