A readerly blog or a writerly blog?

I think studying Modernist texts over the last semester has really opened by mind to texts that are more welcome to being read by readers, and other texts which are more just for the writer. Anyway, it really got me thinking about how blogs are written, and whether all blogs are open and reader friendly, or if they’re just the writer venting their thoughts and experimenting.

I think blogging naturally lends itself to being readerly. People create blogs to be read whether its by 1 person or a million people when you set up a public blog you know that someone might stumble upon it, and obviously the more you write the more the chance of that increases. Plus, on the most part the language used on blogs is welcoming, and is asking the reader to either agree with  what’s being said, or give their opinion. A good example of that is through the pronouns bloggers use in their posts for example if I was writing this blog post for myself only I wouldn’t of used the pronoun “you” because I’d be talking to myself. To be honest, it’s probably pretty hard to make a blog reader unfriendly because when you’re using an informal tone and trying to share your experience or thoughts you’re unconsciously asking for your blog to be read. Perhaps, it’s to do with the fact that blogging is a social thing to do, especially now with technology which allows writers to connect up all their social platforms. But still that’s quite a new thing connecting up all social media platforms so, everyone knows that you’ve blogged, or can follow your day to day life.

However, I do think there are blogs out there that are completely writerly, and they’re probably more fascinating to read than blogs with an intended audience. I mean if someones just typing up their stream of consciousness, or just venting and ranting as if they were talking to themselves, then what would you comment, and would that text give you any sense of meaning that we’ve come to expect when we read things. It’s probably the strongest form of voicing oneself on the internet because when you write without an audience in mind you can write whatever without any inhibitions, and if someone stumbles across your blog what they interpret from it might not be what it meant for the writer when they started writing it. If a person is writing for themselves then the reader can’t really have expectations, and because the text is completely its own existence – in most cases the blogger of a writerly blog would be anonymous- and  so, every reader’s going to have their own subjective opinion.

All in all,  I don’t know if we should all try and attempt to write our blogs as though they are only for us, but I do wonder how many of us would be able to pull it off. Though, blog posts in the stream of consciousness would probably be really interesting to read; I bet Freud and Joyce would be having field days in their graves if blogs were written like that. Okay, I’m going end this post now, I’m meant to have banished modernist thoughts to the depths of my unconscious after I finished the exam yesterday, but clearly it’s still haunting me.


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