100 subscribers


On the 2nd of January I hit 100 subscribers and -in the midst of revising for my exams- I felt like I’d hit the big time but really I haven’t- ha! But, it’s still a huge achievement for me, especially because I didn’t think I’d actually keep up with this whole blogging malarkey and I have, so I’ve proved myself wrong. Also, I didn’t think anyone would actually read my blog because it’s a bit all over the place with no specific genre, or structured timetable, from a blogger with no name or picture, but I guess everyone who reads it really doesn’t mind. Plus, I just want to thank you all who’ve been reading my blog whether you subscribed today, the day I started blogging, or somewhere in between you guys are awesome. I’ll hope you’ll all stick with me as I intend to carry on blogging, and maybe I’ll make a “200 subscribers” post when we get there.

Things I’ve learnt from blogging-

  • Earning subscribers is hard work, especially when you’re blogging as an anonymous person because you really have to woo the reader with your writing, and you aren’t using all the social media at your disposal.
  • Commitment + Hard work = Rewards.
  • Organic and steady growth is good.
  • The blogging community are lovely, and I’ve made a few good internet acquaintances.

But anyway I thought we’d look at numbers because I love statistics because it just makes everything real.

For the category for most views in a day – Wednesday 29th of May

For most views in a week – week beginning November 18th 2013

Most views in a month – May 2013

Most viewed post – Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye brightener vs YSL touche eclat radiant touch

Most popular tag/category – “beauty” or “bblogger”

Most popular referrer of all time – Search engines

Most views from a country – United Kingdom (Woop Woop!)

All time views – 1,417

Okay, nerdy number session over and a massive thank you again to everyone.

If you haven’t already then please subscribe.

If there’s anyway you think I could improve my blog leave it in the comments, or any post or tags you want to see from me leave them below aswell!


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