Liebster Award

This post has been on my blog ‘to do’ list for ages, but I never got round to doing it with exams and blah blah life. However, I am super excited and stoked to have been nominated for the liebster award by THAT GIRL GRACE. Thank you Grace. I think this is a blog award for bloggers with less than 200 subscribers, but anyway on to the post.

The Rules:

1. Recognize the nominator(s).

2. Answer the 10 questions that the nominator asked you.

3. State 10 facts about yourself

4. Create your own 10 questions.

5. Nominate 10 other bloggers.

6. Let the nominees know you’ve nominated them.

10 facts about me

1) I passed my driving test first time  in November 2012 after about a 100 lessons. The DVLA (driving authority in the UK) say the average person takes about 52-55 lessons so, perhaps passing the first time isn’t such an achievement when I took a 100 lessons.

2) I use to have perfect vision until  second year of college but now it’s -2.00 which means I can’t see far away very well.

3) I didn’t really enjoy college.

4) Even though I took a 100 driving lessons I never mastered parallel parking in 5 moves (it takes me about 15 moves), so I’m lucky it didn’t come up in my driving test.

5) I don’t understand how the steering wheel works when the cars in ‘reverse’. Yeah, I know it’s the other way but it baffles me.

6)  If you haven’t gathered already then let me tell you  that my sense of direction is atrocious.

7) I think my subconscious is actually the mind of a super evil master cat who wants to rule the world, and when I’m around other cats they can sense it so, that’s why they all come to me and are like ‘Master, it is an honour to be meeowting you’.

The questions and answers

1. What inspired you to start blogging? 

– I wasn’t really “inspired” to start blogging if I’m honest – is that bad?-  but I did just want a place to put my thoughts. I was already reading other blogs like beauty blogs, and student blogs, and blogs where people just talk about their lives, and I really liked them and thought I could do it too. I didn’t really know what kind of blog I wanted either but I think I’ve ended up with a student-y, lifestyle-y, beauty-(ish) type of blog, but I have become passionate about blogging like I want to write posts, and when I don’t I miss it.

2. Which shop you can not visit without buying something?

– Boots, or Superdrugs.

3. Beauty purchase you most regret?

– I don’t regret any because I usually research stuff to make sure it’s a good product, and go and try before I buy ect. However, I will admit I am sometimes hasty in buying products because I go through phases of liking certain looks and then I bring them home and like them for like 2 weeks and then I’m over it.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

– In Canada because it seems like such an amazing place. Plus, I love the cold so, I guess Canada and me are meant to be.

5. Nude lip or bold lip?

– Bold.

6. If you could only use one form of social media which would it be?

– Well, I don’t have twitter or tumblr. I have Facebook, and Instagram but out of them two it’d have to be Facebook.

7. Favourite drugstore makeup brand?

– This is hard because I pick specific items from specific drugstore brands for example Rimmel for lipsticks, Sleek for blushes, and Maybelline for Mascara. I’ve never used anything from max factor, so perhaps I’d say Rimmel, Sleek, and Maybelline win for different categories.

8. When it comes to snacks which do you prefer, sweet or savoury?

– Savoury.

9. Which skincare product could you not live without?

– The Body shop body butters.

10. Dream job?

– A wedding planner.

My questions

1) – What’s one high end product you’d love to have?

2) – Do you drive? – If yes, did you pass your test first time,  what car are you driving now, and what’s your dream car?

3) – Can you speak and understand any other languages?

4) – What’s you favorite food?

5) – Have you ever broken a/any bone(s)?  If yes, tell us how you broke it/them.

6) –  Do you have a signature scent? If yes, what is it?

7) – Did your parents ever tell you that you had to wait until a certain age until you could start wearing make up?

8) – If you could eat one thing all the time without gaining weight what would it be?

9) – Do you think your accent tells people where you are from? For example, if you went to another city on the opposite side of the country would they know from your accent where you are from.

10) – Are you reading a novel at the moment? – If yes, what’s the title, and who’s it by?

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3 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. Congratulations! I too had a rather traumatic driving experience; I’m that grandma that doesn’t want to go more than 30mph.To this day I don’t understand how I passed my driving test. Public transport ftw!


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