Post-grad offers & interview prep

In my last post-grad post, I spoke about the the universities I had spoke with at the fare and what my first impressions of them were. I’ll just bring you up to speed of what of what’s gone on between then and now. So, I said that for my first cycle of applications I would choose Edge Hill University, University of Southampton, and University of Portsmouth. However, by when I got round to sending off my application it seemed that Uni of Southampton’s seats were already full or perhaps they’d withdrawn that course which meant I had to find another university to apply to. In the end I chose University of Birmingham, which I know I kind of bashed in my last post because they seemed a bit snooty but a few posts to the actual course convener I warmed up to it enough to apply there instead. So my choices for cycle one ended up being Uni of Birmingham, Uni of Portsmouth, and Edge Hill Uni.

So after sending off my application I had the antagonising wait of seeing if any of them send me an offer. I’ve literally been checking my emails religiously everyday and my UCAS track to see if there have been any changes. I got an email from university of Birmingham and I was like no way fffgghhhh only to open it and find it to be a newsletter, which is weird because I’m not even a student there. Anyway uni of Portsmouth were the first to actually get back to me, and have offered me an interview on the 4th of February, and also Edge Hill uni have offered me an interview on the 11th of February but uni of B’ham haven’t let me know anything yet.

The interview for Portsmouth is the one I’m currently preparing for. As I said in my last post these courses are really competitive, and uni’s actually offer very limited amount of seats compared to the amount of people that apply. So anyway, my interview at university of Portsmouth will be a whole day process, and is kind of in four parts. Firstly, I have to prepare and present a micro lesson (its only ten minutes long) on anything we want but we have been set a clear task. The objective of the task is to introduce the topic clearly, create an activity/task for the “students” (who will be the other candidates), then at the end of the lesson create a way to assess them and reflect on thier work. The second part of the interview process is a written exam which we can’t prepare for they’ll just give us the paper on the day. Then they’ll send us away to lunch at which time they’ll decide who progeess’ on to the third and fourth part of the day, so after lunch some of us candidates will be told to go home because we’ve been unsuccessful. The third part of the interview will be a group interview which I’m dreading because I hate group interviews and then fourth, and final, part will be a one to one interview.

So, yeah I’m going to talk about my Edge Hill uni interview in another post because each uni has different ways of choosing candidates, and otherwise this post would get too long. But I have chosen my outfit for the interviews it’s very neutral and “teacherly” not in a “I’m a frumpy forty year old whose been teaching for 15 years more like I’m young, sassy, sophisticated, and bundles of fun oozing over the edge with energy. (Okay, it’s probably not that either of them.) Perhaps I’ll do a PGCE interview outfit post. Eugh, but you know what happened today guys I lost my Revlon lip butter in “Sweet tart” and I’m so sad (-okay it’s not the end of the world-) because I was going to use it for my interview make up because it’s the perfect “not to nude not to out there pink” for me.

So that’s it for now, I’m typing off until my next blog post. (Is this a good way to end posts? I want a way that I end all my posts.) Please send positive thoughts to my lost Revlon lip butter in hopes ‘she’ is happy wherever on the train I’ve left ‘her’. I did my make up on the train today and I think she fell off the table. I don’t know, I don’t know screams the guilt of a delirious and guilt ridden make up mother. Okay for real now, ciao.

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2 thoughts on “Post-grad offers & interview prep

  1. Great post! I hear what your saying with uni being competitive. My course that I just finished in July gets something silly like ten applications for every place. Good luck with your interview.


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