Lush & The Body Shop Haul

All of it together.

All of it together.

Okay, so it wasn’t so long ago that I did a haul but you know when you just run out of toiletries (is it me or does it all seem to finish at once?), and then I was like yes a justified shopping session. I also bought the Lush items and Body Shop items at two different occasions like two days after one another, which probably highlights my problem of visiting shopping centres far too often. Anyway, I shall start with the Body Shop items.

I always think I’m pretty lucky when it comes to going to the Body Shop because whenever I go there always seems to be an offer on or sale, which obviously I love! I picked up this body butter on offer for £5 compared to the full price which is £13. I’d never seen the passion fruit scent before so I kind of had to have it. It also smells really fruity and delicious, and the colour of the product reminds me of parma violet sweets. I’m currently working my way through the Brazilian nut scented one which I think is perfect for winter, and I can’t wait to start using the passion fruit scent in the spring and summer.

I also got this trio of shower gels for £10 which is another bargain because I think these 250ml bottles are £5 (normally) each. In this trio I got strawberry, grapefruit, and honeymania which all smell divine. I know grapefruit isn’t to everyones taste but I love that tangy, zesty, slightly bittersweet smell I think it’s really fresh and invigorating. I love anything honey so, that’s enough said, and the strawberry is sweet and smells like something you want to drink.

Okay, so that’s Body shop items done now on to LUSH!

I cannot tell you how obsessed I was with Lush in my first year of uni after my friend introduced me to it. My friend and I use to have “Lush fridays” where we would go into town to pretty much just go to Lush. She was more of fanatic than me at the time because she was into everything whereas I kind of just loved the bath products. However, now I have done my fair share of dabbling into other products that Lush do like haircare, skincare, and even footcare(?)/feetcare(?).  Anyway, so these are the products I bought from Lush.

LUSH stuff.

LUSH stuff.

I’ll start with haircare which I’ve got more and more into in general over the course of the last year or so. People with unruly hair will probably be getting their violins out for me right now because my hair is straight, soft, and shiny, which I am thankful for but my hair can also be a handful. I have fine hair but lots of it so, it’s thick-ish (not as thick as it use to be when I was younger) but because there’s alot of it it get’s weighed down so I have no volume, and it also gets weighed down if I use heavy products in it, which can sometimes make it greasy look as well. It’s also very very hard to style because ponytails or plaits just fall out and curling ect doesn’t even hold.

Big Shampoo & Roots hair mask.

That’s exactly what I was big roots with loads of volume.

So, anyway I picked up “Roots” which is a hair mask with a variety of mint oils to really awaken the hair follicles. It also has olive oil and honey to nourish the hair. “Roots” is actually a treatment for thin and fine hair but I still like to use it. I’m going to do a review on this soon because I’ve used it twice so far, so after the third time I’ll gather my thoughts on it. I also got “Big” shampoo which is full of moisturising ingredients like sea salt which draws moisture to it, extra virgin coconut oil, and seaweed infusion. This shampoo claims to “give your hair lift” which is great because I’m looking for volume, and “make it easy to get a comb through“.

On the the exciting part finally the bath bombs!

Left to right: Sex Bomb, Rose Queen, and Phoenix Rising.

Left to right: Sex Bomb, Rose Queen, and Phoenix Rising.

I got three bath bombs which I’m so excited about because I haven’t had bath bombs in ages. I haven’t tried Sex Bomb or Rose Queen yet but Phoenix Rising is a repurchase. I love the smell of all of them, and I know this will probably start my addiction with bath bombs again but I don’t care. I didn’t get my favourite which is Dragon’s Egg just because I wanted to try something different, but next time I will definitely be getting Dragon’s Egg. There’s so many  ingredients to list off here but if you want to find out what these have in them you can always visit the Lush website.

That’s my haul session over.

Tell me what’s your favourite Lush product? Are you a Lush fanatic? Do you prefer The Body Shop or Lush?

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you guys, if you did then give it a “like”. I would love to say that this is my last haul for a long time but I actually have a MAC haul in the pipeline! Also, if you haven’t already then you should subscribe because it’s recommended by the government for your own well being.


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P.S – I’m selling my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette on eBay if you’re interested. If you want to look it up on eBay just put the item number into the eBay search box. The item number is 261391976812.


9 thoughts on “Lush & The Body Shop Haul

  1. bearnextdoor says:

    My mum gave me a bath bomb from lush that turned my bath purple and a pink soap that made me smell like parma violets.. i’ve never taken so many baths than i did that month. Lush smells so good!


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