Long time no blog!


Is anyone still even there?!

Sorry guys for being so AWOL/MIA over the last two weeks! I haven’t given up the ghost on the blog I’ve just been really busy with uni ect. I have so many half written up posts in the pipeline but I just don’t have time to finish them and get them up! I’ll give you the list of posts that you’ll eventually see – A make up haul, My University of Portsmouth interview experience, Other post-grad uni options and who I chose, and perhaps one on my current English language project about Black American English.

I hope you are all well and the weather where you live hasn’t been to atrocious, especially my fellow British bloggers and readers! I got stranded in Manchester Piccadilly train station on Wednesday (12/2/14) with thousands of other commuters because of trains derailing, train cables ripping, and and train station roofs coming off; fortunately, I was with my friend and ended up going back to her house and seeking refuge there.

Anyway, I hope this really quick posts is okay for now!




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