Review: Superdrugs vitamin E gentle eye make-up remover



So before I completely finished this I wanted to review it. To save myself from waffling too much, and probably boring you, I’m going to do this in a really objective way.

Price: £3

Where can it be purchased from: Exclusive to Superdrugs.

How much product do you get: 100ml

Formula: lotion

Recommended use by: 12 months

Claims: Rich in vitamin E, high in anti-oxidants, and defends the skin from environmental damage.

Suitable for what skin type: normal to dry

What I liked: the price, the amount of product, the sturdy packaging, how you have control of how much product comes out, how easy it was to use either with cotton pads or face towel, how effectively it removed eye make up especially mascara, and the fact it can doubled up as a face make up remover. Yes I used this on my face and it removed that just as gently and effectively as it did the eye make-up. It doesn’t leave a greasy film over the skin. It is also against animal testing and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

How I used it: I place the lotion on my skin with my fingers and use my fingers to break down the make up by rubbing it into my skin with circular motions. Then I either take a cotton pad or a warm face towel and wipe it off.

What I didn’t like: the claims are a bit dramatic I don’t think it  “defends from environmental damage.” 

Would I recommend and repurchase: YES.

Tell me have you tried this? What’s your favourite eye make up remover?

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3 thoughts on “Review: Superdrugs vitamin E gentle eye make-up remover

  1. Have you tried the moisturiser? It’s quite good too. The vitamin e in this is supposed to help reduce the impact of free radicals on the skin, which is always a plus. Good for three quid though


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