Beauty Bins: 17 Lasting fix “Dreamy” lipstick


Anyone would think that I’m trying to purge my lipstick collection but I’m not. I’ve actually had this lipstick for about two years and I get it out for spring/summer  time but hardly ever wear it. So, this week I forced myself to wear it everyday to see why I couldn’t get myself to like it and I’ve come to a conclusion that this lipstick and myself aren’t compatible for one another.

I don’t know what it is about this pink but when I wear it it somehow draws out all the yellow in my skin and makes me look jaundiced. It also makes my teeth look yellow. Perhaps it’s to do with the undertone of the lipstick or maybe it’s just me. Also, eventhough the formula is nice and creamy and not drying at all I don’t think it’s very good because it starts collecting in all the little lines of the lips even when they’re exfoliated and moisturised. Plus, it doesn’t seem to mesh well with any lip balm that’s on the lips because the product just splits and looks patchy.

The only way I can get this lipstick to work for me in general is by mixing it with other lipsticks or dabbing it on lightly.  Now, to be honest I’m not much of a lipstick mixer unless I’m trying to create a specific colour and as for lightly dabbing it on, and building the colour with caution well I just don’t have time for that.

After a week of really trying to love this lipstick I know why I never really used it and it always end up back of the queue. So with no inkling of regret this lipstick is going in the bin.

Have you ever had a lipstick colour that clashes with your skin tone?  What’s your favourite pink lipstick?  Have you got this lipstick?

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