Review: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

So whilst I have some time, I thought I’d write some posts that I can put up eventually because I’m really busy at the moment with uni. I’ve been testing this foundation out for about over a month now, and I thought I’d give it a review considering I did put it on my last wishlist. 

My skin type is “normal” however, it does sometimes get dry in places like on my cheeks, nose, and around my mouth. I don’t really have any significant scarring (I have a few scars on my cheeks but they’re fading back to my skin tone) and I don’t suffer from acne but I do occasionally get the odd spot here and there. The kind of foundations I like are usually demi-matte to soft satin finish but nothing super dewy. I feel like with normal skin foundations develop a luminosity through out the day, which can be controlled with powder, so you don’t need to have a dewy foundation because it will eventually become that. Plus, I enjoy having the control of which parts of my skin look glowing because I use highlighting to make my round face look more structured.

Laura Mercier claim that silk creme “an innovative full coverage foundation that makes the skin look luminous and rich. By combining a special collection of silk proteins, tea extracts and treated mica, Laura has created a luxurious formula that leaves skin hydrated and protected with a radiant, timeless glow”.


“MAC NC30 (sample), Illamasqua 5.5 (current foundation), Laura Mercier (Sample)

So, my thoughts on this foundation after wearing it for over a month. I’ve got to say this foundation provides me with a flawless finish it covers beautifully; it is so pigmented that I don’t even use it to it’s full coverage capability but half a pea-size gives me a medium coverage, and I don’t use any concealer. Also, you don’t even need to work hard to get the flawless finish, because of its so creamy, I just use my Real Techniques expert face brush and buff it in. However, sometimes when I have dry skin in places this foundation clings and accentuates them really badly. I found that because it clinged to the dry patches it made my skin texture look uneven. Back to the good points though, I found that the foundation didn’t break or split on my skin, and to also wears and really nicely – one day I wore it for 13 hours and it still was intact and I didn’t powder it at all. I find that if I powder this foundation it becomes too matte and flat for my liking.

What I don’t like about the this foundation is that it doesn’t look amazing until I’ve worn it for about two hours and my skins produced a little oil. I don’t really know why it’s like that but sometimes when I’ve put it on I’ve wanted to take it off straight away because it makes my face look powdery all over, and even though I’m not a fan of dewy foundations on myself I don’t like velvet matte foundations on my skin either. Maybe if I tried applying it with a sponge it wouldn’t look this way on initial application but I don’t have time to do the whole bouncing a sponge around my face for ten minutes in the morning.

To be honest I think it all boils down to how my skin is feeling that day, however l don’t want to have to put the work in if a foundation is so expensive. Plus, I only own one foundation at a time so, I use it for all occasions, so I need it to be on good terms with my skin always.

So, even though this foundation has given me some really good skin days it has also sometimes made my face look as dry as the Grand canyon on other days, which means I probably won’t purchase it, and carry on my hunt for a foundation. I think it may be a better foundation for normal/oily skin or combination.

Is this your current foundation? Do you wear foundation? Do you have a holy grail status foundation?

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