MAC haul ft. Bobbi Brown

My insomnia is at its peak because writing this post at 04:18am.

Anyway, in “my long time no blog” post I said I would eventually put this haul up, and I am so excited to share with you what I finally got because the content on this purchase is what I got when I visited a CCO for the first time ever!  If you didn’t know a CCO is an almost heavenly place where you can buy high end make up at discounted prices.


I’ll start off with the MAC eyeshadows I purchased. Now, I don’t even know how my love for eyeshadow has become so strong because this time last year I think I just owned an MUA pallete and that’s it, however now I have two quads of MAC eyeshadows.

So on to the colours I bought. 


Sumptuous Olive

The lightest shade I got was sumptuous olive which is the perfect neutral mix of a gorgeous green and gold. This eyeshadow can be used everyday because the green isn’t obvious or it can be played up to go with any dramatic eye look. I imagine this colour to be the baby sister of MAC’s club (which I don’t own) because I don’t know if it’s just my sumptuous olive but when I blend it all over the lid and into the crease it it looks as though I’ve placed a warm brown there when I have not.


Next up is woodwinked which is a gorgeous warm bronze-y gold.  It is too die for! This look gorgeous on its own or paired with other shadows. Woodwinked is definitely a “do it all” shadow because when blended out out the edges become slightly darker and warmer in colour  which means it looks like you’ve spent ages doing your eyeshadow when you haven’t!


This is swiss chocolate and it’s a beautiful warm reddish-brown which make my brown eyes pop! Its gorgeous in the crease, or all over for a subtle matte smokey eye. I find this shadow really easy to blend, and it flatters any other eyeshadow I chose to combine it with!


Lastly in the line up of eyeshadows is smut. Apparently,  this eyeshadow was inspired by Kate Moss but I don’t know why. This is a deep purple-y grey brown which has a cool undertone in my opinion. The purple in it really enhances brown eyes when blended along the lower lid. I think its a great alternative to black eyeshadow because it’s just that tiny bit less dramatic and therefore easier to pull off.

Again, like swiss chocolate it pairs well with other shadows.

MAC eyeshadows in the pan usually retail for £10 each, however I picked these up at £6/7 each which is a bargain on my opinion. 

The last item I picked up from the CCO was this Bobbi Brown lipgloss in the colour Dusty Rose.


It’s just a mauvey-pinky lipgloss which isn’t opaque but it’s not sheer either. I love topping light pink lipsticks with this because it just makes adds a something-something.  I also like it on its own for like a super natural lip, and I love the minty scent to it. Bobbi Brown lipgloss’ usually retail for £18 (I wouldn’t pay that much for a lipgloss ever) but I got this for £12 which I think is acceptable. Plus, I’ll be able to wear this all year round so, I’ll get my use out of it.



Woodwinked, Swiss Chocolate, Sumptuous Olive, Smut, and Dusty Rose.
(I didn’t  know which swatch picture was better so I put both in.)

So, that’s the end of my haul!  The CCO I got this all from is actually near the uni I’m going to be attending for my post-graduate course, so I think I’ll be popping in there pretty much all the time.

Also, sorry if my upcoming posts are hauls or reviews its just easier to pre-schedule these kind of posts because unfortunately personal ranty posts take up time! 
Anyway,  if you’ve read this far along I applaud you,  and give this post a “like” so I know who you are, and subscribe if you haven’t because that makes my day. 


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