YSL Youth Liberator Foundation | First impressions

I am on the hunt for a new foundation, and every time I visit a department store I try an acquire a sample of a foundation that might just do it for me.

As you probably know, I have “normal” skin that sometimes decides to misbehave and act dry. I don’t really have any significant scarring (I have a few scars on my cheeks but they’re fading back to my skin tone) and I don’t suffer from acne but I do occasionally get the odd spot here and there. The kind of foundations I like are usually demi-matte/soft satin/subtle radiance kind of  finish but nothing super dewy.

Now, I know this foundation is aimed at mature skin but I still wanted to try it as I love a flawless finish that this foundation claims to give, and it has natural luminosity to it. It also has the use the unique Glycanactif complex but I wouldn’t be buying it for it’s skin benefits so, I can’t really tell you much about that. The sales assistant at the counter told me this foundation was full coverage, but I would say it’s more of a medium coverage that can be built up. As I have said, I don’t really suffer from scarring or pigmentation left from spots but it covered the few fading scars from my last break out really well, and I only needed to use a little concealer over the top. The texture is a creamy liquid that and smooths and melts on to the skin; I would say that because of the texture it’s quite forgiving on dry patches and uneven texture. When the foundation is initially applied it looks quite “wet” in finish however, a little time spent on buffing it into the skin leaves a gorgeous a satin finish.

Illamasqua Skin Base (Current foundation) 5.5, Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk (Sample) 4, MAC Prolongwear foundation NC 30 (Sample), YSL Youth Liberator BD50 (Sample)

Illamasqua Skin Base (Current foundation) 5.5, Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk (Sample) 4, MAC Prolongwear foundation NC 30 (Sample), YSL Youth Liberator BD50 (Sample)


As you can see from the foundation swatches the colour of the of this foundation is the darkest of all the foundations I have. I would say this is probably a shade (or a shade and a half) too dark for me. In comparison to MAC NC30 it’s less orange and more of a golden tan colour, which I liked. Even though I told the lady that last time I got matched to the touche eclat foundation I was  B30 she was quite insistent on the fact that I’d was a BD50, and gave me a sample of that, however, if I was to buy the foundation I’d buy it in B30. When I look at foundation shades I always try to get them as close to my Illamasqua foundation shade because that literally is my perfect shade. In all the times I wore the youth liberator foundation it never oxidized on me so, that was a good thing.

Now, I’ve only worn this foundation three times because that’s all I could get out the sample but I will tell you what I thought of them on each occasion.

The first occasion was when it was applied my the sales assistant at the counter she applied it with a traditional foundation brush, and didn’t powder it. I would say she applied it around 2PM in the afternoon. On application it looked like healthy nourished skin with a nice subtle glow. My friend and I were shopping so this was a good way to test out the foundation, and even though it wasn’t powdered it coped quite well. By the time I got home, around 7 it had definitely developed an all over luminosity however, it was still something that I liked and when I took a picture of it it looked beautiful. Soon after that it quickly deteriorated my nose became reflective and I powdered my t-zone with Rimmel stay matte powder. However, around 9PM it just became too sheeny, and almost greasy looking for my liking and I took it off; by this point, the foundation has also faded around my around my nose and mouth. I probably could have salvaged it if I powdered again but considering it was the end of the day I was ready to take it off.

On the second day I wore it to uni, on that day I think my skin was particularly dry because even after moisteriser when I applied the foundation it clung to the dry patches on my nose, however, this also could of been because I used a buffing brush in circular motions which I know it not the recommended method of application for dry skin. This time I powdered my T-zone before leaving the house at around 9AM. It wore well and developed a beautiful luminosity, and I only powdered my nose at around 2.30PM to take away the shine that had started peeking through. When I got home around 6PM the foundation was definitely on it’s last legs the reflection my face could have been used to transmit beams into to space into space, and was definitely beyond powder (unless I was to take it on), and so I took it off.

On the third and final day, I chose to use a sponge to apply the foundation I would using this method meant that the coverage went from a steady medium to a light-ish medium, and so I had to build the coverage in some areas. But, even though I built up the coverage it didn’t cake in those areas with more foundation. Moreover, perhaps because I used the sponge the dry patches on my nose were not so noticeable. I applied the foundation around 9AM and powdered my t-zone. In the morning I went to run some errands in busy Manchester, and got caught in the rain, which was a good test for durability. I’m glad to report it didn’t wash off my face or separate because of the rain, but no foundation has ever done that on my skin because of weather. I powdered my nose again around 1.30 pm to stop the shine coming through in it’s tracks. When I got home around 6PM I found that the foundation had again become overwhelmingly shiny for my liking, and I decided to take it off.

So the overall verdict, hmmm, I do really like this foundation, and perhaps I would buy it if my skin was a tad more drier, or maybe I will buy it in the winter, however for now my search for the perfect foundation continues (The Apprentice anyone?). I’d say the wear time on this is 7 hours of “good” wear, but after that mark it becomes a bit worn and disheveled. However, I don’t really need a foundation to last that long as I hardly ever am out for that long. Perhaps, if I can acquire a sample of my correct shade I’ll further investigate whether this foundation is really compatible with my skin or not, and so it’s staying on my list of “could work for me”. I also don’t think this foundation is just for older women anybody of any age could rock this foundation , and I’d really recommend this foundation for anyone with dry skin because of its nourishing ingredients. Of course, the packaging of the actual foundation is beautiful as one would expect from YSL (google it?), and obviously it comes with a high-end price tag of £36.

Tell me what you think? Have you tried this foundation on your skin? What kind of foundation finish do you like? Are you on a foundation hunt too?

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