1 Year Blogiversary & The End.


This time last year my blog was just a few hours old, and now it feels like my blog always existed and there was no time before that, even though I know there was. This blog was started as a place to express my weird thoughts, and my constant internal monologue,  but I somehow ended up ranting writing about all sorts of experiences, interests, and feelings. I’m actually quite surprised that I’ve kept up with the blogging because at time I felt like I would stop, especially at the start, and with juggling my final year at uni. So, I guess it’s okay to admit that I’m kind of a little proud of this blog even though I probably never want to read some of my very first posts. Another weird thing is that most people in my life still don’t know that I have a blog and I don’t plan on telling them. However, what’s amazing is that all 135 of you lovelies are completely up for reading the stuff I write on here which I’m so grateful for because blogging is bloody hard! There is this kind of  how much should I put into this? Obviously, I want to put my best effort in but sometimes it’s frustrating when your best effort doesn’t seem to becoming to fruition. However,  the feeling I get when someone likes a post or subscribes is definitely worth blogging for, but I also like blogging for myself maybe one day I’ll be able to look back without cringing and see “progress” instead. I still sometimes think “what is my blog?”, but to be honest I’m okay with it not fitting nicely under a category anymore; I like that it’s just a bit of everything. I also love the interaction with other bloggers because it’s so nice to connect over a piece of writing that you’ve created, and hearing what they think as well. I still think I say things in too many words when they could be expressed with fewer words but hey ho I’m an English student.

Well, actually I don’t know how much I am a “student” anymore because I went to my last ever lecture today *sob* but I’ll always be a wordy person. I can’t believe my university life has come to an end; it was quite surreal because it didn’t feel like the end. Today, when I walked out of uni it was such a pivotal moment and I was looking at my surroundings, and trying to take it all in for the last time. I do have to go back for my exams but that’s it. I should now be a flourishing, well-rounded individual with loads opportunities at my footstep but I kind of just want to stay being a student. This limbo phase is so hard because I hate the idea of being in the world of work. I know I’m doing a post-grad but that’s got a lot of placements ect so, it’s just preparation for working!

What a significant day this is turning out to be eh?!

Anyway, thank you to everyone who has subscribed or liked any of my posts I really appreciate it and I hope you stick with me as I plan to carry on!

Here’s to more blogging,


PS- If you’ve just stumbled across this blog then why don’t you subscribe because this seems like a pretty good time doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “1 Year Blogiversary & The End.

    • Thank you! If you can’t rant freely on the Internet where can you rant, eh?! – or that’s what I think. Yep, I decided to share my name after a year of blogging I thought I might as well; a little bit of “real” world identity can’t hurt.


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