Small Haulin’ & Food with friends

I thought I’d do a weekly update post just because I feel like it’s a significant week in my life, as my time at university draws to an end.

So on Thursday, (10/4/14) – my last day of uni – I decided to do a little shopping before going into uni.  I have a wedding to attend this Sunday and I thought I’d get some bits that I’ve wanted for a while.


Real techniques core collection, MAC brow pencil in "Stud", and Prolongwear concealer in NC25.

In my post reviewing the Real techniques duo fibre brushes, I said I didn’t need the core collection however I think I’ve been talking myself round because I’ve always wanted to try the buffing brush, the detailer brush and contour brush fill certain niches in my brush collection, and even though I still think I won’t use the pointed foundation brush I think it’s good to have, right? Right.

The two things I picked up from MAC are the prolongwear concealer in NC25 and brow pencil in “stud”. I picked up the conceal for my under eyes and I thought it would be brightening but I came home to fine it’s the same colour as my foundation, so I guess I can use it under my eyes and on blemishes. I also picked up a brow pencil because I can’t find one on the high street that hasn’t got a warm undertone. I have black hair so, this is good and I only wanted it for special occasions.

When I got to uni I attended all my seminars, and in the last seminar friends spontaneously decided that we should go for a meal, and so we did.  We went to Zouks in Manchester. Our waiter was weeeeird. When we sat down at our table my friend told him her glass was dirty (it still had watermarks on it) and he replied “you don’t need to worry about that they’re wine glasses and you don’t drink.”, which is true none of us drink alcohol but it’s rather presumptuous. Another weird thing was that when we asked him what drinks they do he started listing them off the top of his head until my friend was like “don’t you have a drinks menu?” which he then bought over. We all went for non-alcoholic cocktails which were gorgeous. Whilst the service wasn’t top notch the food was definitely divine. For my starter, I had a mixed grill, for mains I had lamb nihari with naan, and dessert I had creme brûleé, and it was all gorgeous.  I washed that all down with my watermelon mocktail.




All in all, it was a lovely way to finish off the last ever day of uni. Don’t spontaneous plans make the best memories? Now just lot of reading, revising,  essay writing, and exam taking until it’ll be over. I can truly say I’ll miss uni not just the freedom but also the studying.

That’s it my weekly post is done. What have you been up to this week?  Any significant moments in your life?

Tell me if these “weekly” posts are a good idea? My life isn’t exciting enough to do one every week, but every now and then?


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