Easter Saturday OOTD

I just had to nip into town with my mum so she could get someone a present, and I just threw this together.


I’ve really been enjoying wearing this colourful silk top lately. The bright ethnic print brings this all black ensemble to life. The back is just black which means its not too overwhelming and also pairs well with black skinnies and this viscose blazer. The viscose blazer is nice in this kind of weather because its such a breathable material. I’m  I wore these shoe (?) sandals (?) Shondals that I recently bought from h&m recently; I think they’ll be the perfect pair of black slip-ons that go with everything for the warmer months.


I didn’t wear any make up because I had an allergic reaction to something mysterious (not make up) and it’s cause my skin to flare up on my face, neck, and behind my knees.

Hope you all have a good long Easter weekend!

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