A new dawn, a new day, a new name?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I don’t know if I should change my blog name. I’m feeling ambivalent towards the idea right now but I feel like the new name that I’ve always had in mind would represent me better on the blogosphere. Not only that I feel like I’ve outgrown thescribblingtrain; and whilst it’s done me justice over the last year I don’t know if its catching on. I mean, after I graduate I want to put more effort into blogging because I really like doing it, and I don’t know if thescribblingtrain could bring all the (potential) readers to the yard? Names are really important, especially when presenting yourself on the internet, and I don’t know how drawn people are to thescribblingtrain. The new name I feel is has more character, and is slightly playful, and perhaps more enticing.

I know changing my blog name after over a year of blogging could be a bad move. The readers I have are familiar with thescribblingtrain and I might lose them. I don’t know if I would have to set up a 301 redirect because I don’t own this domain but I know I would have to make the message clear that the website name is changing after a certain date. That’s if I change it. There are also pro’s to me changing my blog name it’d be in sync with my twitter and instagram name, it’s carry my first name in the title, and it is also a rhyme so, it’s kinda catchy. So, I want to go from being thescribblingtrain to Saniyalasagne (not one word but, pronounced Saniya lasagne). I know my blog isn’t a food blog but I just like the way the two words rolls off the tongue. My name isn’t very common and I think the rhyme is quirky – your thoughts? I originally toyed with this name when I first wanted to start blogging but because at the time I wasn’t keen on sharing my name I didn’t go for it. But, now my names on the blog, and I’m not so much of an anonymous blogger I thought why not change it to that? I still don’t know and I’m going to sleep on it for now.

Tell me what you think? (Honest comments welcome.)

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8 thoughts on “A new dawn, a new day, a new name?

  1. …I like thescribblingtain *hides*
    I dunno, I think it’s memorable and it suits but maybe I’m just used to it. Saniyalasagne is a cool name and definitely quirky but harder to remember imo.

    But entirely your choice of course. I’ll keep reading either way.


  2. My one bit of advice on changing to what you are proposing is that people may think your blog is associated with food. I deliberately kept my blog name open so I can write about anything. My Twitter user handle is my name, but I changed my Twitter name to my blog name. You could always do the same. I like your blog name xx


    • Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I have thought of people assuming its a food blog. Yeah, I chose thescribblingtrain because it was subject neutral as well. But, if I can change my twitter name to my blog name that would be good too and probably easier.


      • I like your name, it’s unique. Yeah it’s weird on Twitter cos I’m @jacquelyng56 and on intragram too, but my name is thelittle and last name Scottishcorner haha. It amuses me


  3. I like thescribblingtrain too! Meaning absolutely no disrespect, I also think it sounds more sophisticated than Saniyalasagne (especially if you’re thinking about using it more after graduation) but as Aliya said, that may be just because I’m used to it. Your choice, of course 🙂 Just don’t lose too much sleep over it!


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