Seven deadly sins of beauty|Tag

I thought I’d do this tag as one of my pre-prepared posts, so my blog isn’t completely dead whilst I’m away during exam season.

So, here are the questions:

GREED: What is your most inexpensive & expensive beauty item?

My most inexpensive beauty products are my e.l.f brushes they’re cheap, cheerful, and functional! Also, my MUA lipstick such a creamy formula and amazing pigmentation for a quid!

My most expensive product is most definitely my Illamasqua Skin Base foundation that comes in at a whopping £32! It’s amazing though so, the wounds in my purse will heal eventually.

Illamasqua Skin Base (shade 5.5) & Elf Brushes

Illamasqua Skin Base (shade 5.5) & Elf Brushes

WRATH: Which beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with?

My YSL touche eclat highlighter! Oh my goodness, I had so many expectations for this product because its such a cult favourite and 60% of the time it does not work for me. I mean at £25 it should at least make me look amazing?! – That’s all I expected of it. Sometimes, it will work if I try really hard with it and the outcome is so-so, but it’s 25-flipping quid I should only have to apply it and it should make me fabulous. When I first got it and it didn’t work I tried to convince myself it was me and my awful application (sound like someone stuck in a relationship), and really I would love it eventually, but after trying, trying, trying, I’m still ambivalent towards it. I can’t use it under my eyes (see this experimental post), and sometimes it makes me look ashy. I have shade 1 which is the “universal” shade that is the only shade with the “highlighting properties” in it (the other shades are just concealers apparently) and I don’t feel like it does sh*t half the time.

GLUTTONY: What brand makes up the biggest chunk of your make up collection?

My make up collection isn’t huge but definitely, MAC. I think I just hand them over my money. I love they’re lipsticks, eyeshadows, brushes, and Prolongwear concealer. They were the first high end brand I tried like many girls dipping their toes in the more luxury brands, and they will continue to take my money by seducing me with their amazing products over and over again.

Crazy MAC lady.

It’s not a problem I swear! Someone is missing from the family photo do you know who?

SLOTH: What product do you neglect to use due to laziness?

Primer for face and eyes. I have primer but I only use it on special occasions (and that’s only if I remember) when I just want my make up to be flawless but I know it’d help with general make up wear too!

Meet the primers.

Meet the primers.

PRIDE: Which beauty product gives you the most confidence?

Okay, foundation! Even though I have generally good skin I still love a good foundation (that can be sheered out or worn at a medium coverage as I don’t really wear full coverage) to give me that flawless skin that looks approachable and touchable. I don’t want to mask my skin I just want it to be unblemished, and healthy. However, lip products are a close second, I also love red lips because they’re a timeless classic, or even a bright or dark colour because they also make me feel empowered, and sassy! (Did you do your sass face?)

LUST: Which item is at the top of your beauty wish list?

At the moment it’s the Ted Baker make up bag because I don’t actually have a make up bag I just store my make up on my dressing table. Also, a Jo Malone perfume because I think they’re so sophisticated. I might get one for my graduation so I can associate it with that day and it’ll be all sentimental.

ENVY: What make up product / look looks great on others but not on yourself? 

Blusher. I’ve only just started getting into blush up until last summer I was anti-blush! The traditional way of applying blush (on to the apples of the cheek and swept upwards) really doesn’t suit me because I have a round face and it just makes it look like a ball. However, I’ve learnt off gossmakeupartist that applying blush slightly higher, and further back on the cheekbone itself can really help give a round face structure. Also, at the moment I only like peachy/orange-y blushers because I feel pink blush make me look like Noddy, and the blush has to be shimmer/glitter free, but I do like both powder and cream formulas.

Tell me if we commit any of the same beauty crimes? 

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8 thoughts on “Seven deadly sins of beauty|Tag

      • What colour have you got? I like the look of soft ochre (the yellowy skin tone one) but apparently they can dry out and I don’t if I’d use it all, especially cause I don’t wear eye-shadow everyday. Thanks, I had another one but it was a tad too light for me so, I’ve put it up on my blog sale.


      • I have one called Rubenesque, which is kinda gold but doesn’t really translate well onto the lid. I managed to pick it up on a blog sale for half the retail price and figured it was a good way to pick up without splashing too much cash. The consistency is nice though, just the wrong Color


  1. I could never go without primer on my eyes (if I’m wearing eyeshadow at least), I would be completely without shadow in the space of 2 hours! As for the paint pots, I have Soft Ochre and I’m not blown away by it. It’s way too yellow for my pink undertones and I’m generally disappointed by how it wears, it doesn’t last long on me, creases really badly even with a primer. If I’m just doing some type of crazy look that I know I will take off shortly after applying it I do use it because it cancels out any discoloration and eyeshadows blend really well on it.


    • My eyelids aren’t oily so eyeshadow lasts about 6 hours on me before it starts to fade and crease. I think soft ochre would suit me because I have yellow undertone skin but I most likely won’t get it because of people saying it can crease and I dont really need it because I hardly use my UD primer.


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