Wishlist for graduation

So after I finished (as in completed my final exams of my final year)  uni yesterday, my friend and I went for a celebratory meal at Bella Italia and a wonder around Selfridges, which left me desiring a lot of things. Does anyone else “treat” themselves after they’ve completed or achieved something? I do, pretty much after every exam or assignment, I bought NARS Dolce Vita yesterday after my last exam (total impulse purchase totally worth it), so it would only be right to have a hefty wishlist after completing a whole degree? – Imagine I bought all this. 

All the things I require for graduation. Images of items are not to scale.

These aren’t in any particular order, actually they are the ones in bold and italics are absolutely necessary for graduation day, but starting from the top…

1) Illamasqua blush duo in Lover & Hussy

2) Illamasqua hydraveil 

3) Bite Beauty ‘Deconstructed Rose’ lip gloss wardrobe

4) Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation

5) Tarte amazonian clay blush in ‘Exposed’

6)  Jo Malone perfume in ‘Orange Blossom’

Ooo, that turned that pretty well in a list one just italicized one bold and italicized it’s the simple things like that pleasure the slightly OCD self.

Tell me if you have any of these or a lusting after them too?

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6 thoughts on “Wishlist for graduation

  1. Congratz on finishing your exams! What a feeling eh?! Deffo believe in celebrating after accomplishing something. Go you- I’m sure you deserve a treat 🙂


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