What’s in my bag | undergraduate edition

So I love reading or watching these kinds of posts because I’m nosy curious. However, I thought I’d put a twist on it and do an undergraduate edition just because I’m still in denial about my undergrad days being over, so really this is just a what’s in my uni bag.

I never really had one bag that I took to uni but I had a few bags that were rotation depending on what I was taking in and what I was wearing.



Now on to the actual content of what I put in these bags as an undergrad.


Starting with the two most important things in my bag which are my purse and rail card. As a commuting student having a rail card has been essential to saving money and my purse because it houses my money, bank cards, ID ect.

I also always carry some water because I try to drink the recommended 2 litres a day. Other bits and bobs in my bag that you’ll find are tissues, a hair tie, and some neurophen because you never know what could happen whilst your out and about. I usually also carry the lip colour I’m wearing that day so I can top up when it fades.

Onto the more “academic” content of my bag. I obviously carry a handful of pens and a few highlighters so I’m prepared to take notes. Another obvious one is my note pad; I love note pads with a design on the front. I also carry post it notes and those pointer/arrow stickies to make notes in as I’m reading. Last but not least, I always carry the novels I’m reading for the different modules. Some modules have these huge anthologies which literally leave bruises on my shoulders which I hate.



Things that are sometimes in my bag are the Rimmel stay matte powder and Real Techniques setting brush. I use to also carry a travel umbrella but I never used it even when it was raining so I just gave it to my friend.

And that leaves the bottom of my bag…


So that was my what’s in my bag undergraduate edition I hope you enjoyed reading it. Perhaps I’ll do one for when I’m a postgraduate and see if it’s any different.

What’s your uni bag like? Is it anything like mine? Leave me a comment down below.

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8 thoughts on “What’s in my bag | undergraduate edition

  1. underwaterraven says:

    I’m awful when it comes to handbags. I usually don’t have much stuff to take out, so I usually just act like a man and stick my card and my phone in my pocket and go. I’ll only take a bag if the things I need won’t all fit in my pockets. I guess for a female I’m very un-lady like when it comes to packing bags, because I literally only pack my purse, keys and phone. All my other friends carry stuff like sunglasses, makeup, hairbrush, hairspray, umbrella, painkillers…and I’m just there like “Yeah I’ve just got the bare essentials.” I think I need to step up my game πŸ™‚


    • I think it’s okay to carry less stuff. Yeah I also know girls who carry pretty much a life supply of everything in their bag but I hate having a heavy bag so I try to keep it to what’s absolutely necessary.


  2. Haha I’m really nosey too! I like finding out tidbits about people’s lives πŸ™‚ Super impressed with your bag collection! I’ve had the same bag for four years!


    • Yeah, I love finding out random things about people. I love bags it’s ,a problem especially if they’re on sale – 3/4 of these bags were on sale and the other one is “vintage” from my mums cupboard.


  3. I start Uni in september so this a big help! I’ll be commuting daily too, so I’ll need a roomy bag for certain πŸ™‚ Those highlights are adorable haha! Can’t wait to hit up Paperchase for a serious stationary haul, I’m a sucker for that

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks


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